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Rachel Nichols as Lauren
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Alfie Allen as Wheeler
Mekhi Phifer as Gunner
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by James Wright 8 / 10

A Bit Shaky

The two glaring flaws to this film are its overuse of first person shaky cam, which while arguably immerses you deeper into the situation and action of the film, also quite simply makes you feel sick, and its appeal to generic audiences, as can be seen in the ridiculously broad title. However, if you can look past these two aspects, as well as the occasionally questionable special effect, then there is a lot of positive things to say.

This film has a great story, it makes sense and is carried out in an organic way, while still ticking all the usual zombie-survival boxes that have become the staple of this genre. The acting is pretty great in my opinion and conveys the right tone for each situation, my only complaint being here that with only four characters for most of the movie there is something lacking in personal interaction and team dynamic, although what there is is good and solidly written. There is also a rich world created within the framework of the film, although it is shown on a small scale, and this could easily be fleshed out more if there is a sequel at some point.

Overall I found myself really liking the simple and solid aspects of this film in the acting and storytelling, although the constant switching of first person views might be enough to put some people off entirely as it does get a bit nauseating after a while. Still there is a lot of good here, especially for fans of the genre, most of us being used to much lower production values and less cohesive plots. For non-fans it might not come across so well.

Reviewed by christopherdmartin84 8 / 10

Decent Zombie flick.

Apparently everyone on IMDb thinks they're Roger Ebert now. Why anyone would give this film such a horrible review is beyond me. It's not the greatest zombie film ever made sure but it's better than 1 star. There's a few noticeable goofs as well, but overall it's a unique and entertaining movie. If your a huge fan of the zombie genre it's definitely worth checking out and even possibly adding to your collection.

I got it on blu ray and like with any zombie film was skeptical if I would enjoy it or not, and I did. I probably wouldn't sit through it a second time and I only gave it 8 because of all the crap reviews that this film definitely did not deserve. Otherwise I would have rated it a 6. If your looking for some Hollywood blockbuster like world War z you'll be disappointed for sure, but if your a huge fan of zombie flicks and just looking to be entertained for 90 minutes give it a shot.

Reviewed by siderite 3 / 10

A disgrace for the name, the zombie genre and cinema in general

What I don't understand is how can you get a decent cast and a decent budget and make this crap of a film. Rachel Nichols is the main actress, and she kind of carried a TV show for four seasons; Alfie Allen is Theon Greyjoy in Game of Thrones; remember Mekhi Phifer from when he was the hot black guy that En Vogue were falling for? Paul Guilfoyle played in everything! And what do they do with this? A shaky-cam version of a zombie movie where even the zombies act subpar.

Frankly, it all feels like a collection of bad cinematic sequences in a really dumb game, only acted by real people. A bored programmer in a basement could have made a better film with 3D models.

The plot is the typical "infected people act like zombies", complete with pseudo-scientific categories from 1 to 5, and ridiculous explanations about what happened and what the plan is. As most zombie films it completely ignores the reasons why zombies aren't attacking each other, and since they are only infected people, why it is so difficult to kill them.

But what really pisses me off is how they use the name Pandemic, letting me hope even for a millisecond that once, just once, someone might make a movie about a real pandemic: no zombies, no government conspiracies, no dangerous trip in a car with family or close friends, just a very possible viral outbreak.

We need reality here, else at the first pandemic Americans take out their guns and start shooting each other in the head. God damn it, make a movie about the Spanish Influenza! Tell the story of tens of millions of people dead while governments at war censor the news to keep moral high. Tell the story of the Black Plague, without making it about witches or religion or some other crap like that. Show people what nature is really about and don't make it about people trying to get to their families and improbable villains that get nothing from spreading the disease.

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