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Rachel Nichols as Lauren
Missi Pyle as Denise
Alfie Allen as Wheeler
Mekhi Phifer as Gunner
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by siderite 3 / 10

A disgrace for the name, the zombie genre and cinema in general

What I don't understand is how can you get a decent cast and a decent budget and make this crap of a film. Rachel Nichols is the main actress, and she kind of carried a TV show for four seasons; Alfie Allen is Theon Greyjoy in Game of Thrones; remember Mekhi Phifer from when he was the hot black guy that En Vogue were falling for? Paul Guilfoyle played in everything! And what do they do with this? A shaky-cam version of a zombie movie where even the zombies act subpar.

Frankly, it all feels like a collection of bad cinematic sequences in a really dumb game, only acted by real people. A bored programmer in a basement could have made a better film with 3D models.

The plot is the typical "infected people act like zombies", complete with pseudo-scientific categories from 1 to 5, and ridiculous explanations about what happened and what the plan is. As most zombie films it completely ignores the reasons why zombies aren't attacking each other, and since they are only infected people, why it is so difficult to kill them.

But what really pisses me off is how they use the name Pandemic, letting me hope even for a millisecond that once, just once, someone might make a movie about a real pandemic: no zombies, no government conspiracies, no dangerous trip in a car with family or close friends, just a very possible viral outbreak.

We need reality here, else at the first pandemic Americans take out their guns and start shooting each other in the head. God damn it, make a movie about the Spanish Influenza! Tell the story of tens of millions of people dead while governments at war censor the news to keep moral high. Tell the story of the Black Plague, without making it about witches or religion or some other crap like that. Show people what nature is really about and don't make it about people trying to get to their families and improbable villains that get nothing from spreading the disease.

Reviewed by trashgang 6 / 10

shaky survival horror mostly shot in first person

Just seen Hardcore Henry (2016) and let me say, this is a bit of the same. This is filmed in first person which means you are seeing it as the person sees it. Does it work, sure, some parts it does deliver jump scene's when the lights go out and we move over to night vision but on the other hand of course when they are running or are scared it delivers shaky cameras, and that can be annoying, but it also doesn't show always the effects used for the infected being killed.

The story is rather simple, save your children. And of we go from safety to the infected area. And it's all about slashing and running and killing. Why this flick came in my hands is the fact that Alfie Allen (wheeler) is in Game Of Thrones, and Mekhi Phifer (gunner) is in the Divergent franchise.

Is it worth picking up, well if you can stand a lot of shaky cams then it's a go but if you want a good story full of suspense then it isn't worth seeing. Does it have the usual zombie gore, here and there it does but it isn't in the Walking Dead style. Not boring but a mediocre horror to start your evening.

Gore 1,5/5 Nudity 0/5 Effects 2,5/5 Story 2/5 Comedy 0/5

Reviewed by tendought 4 / 10

Not bad for low budget

A virus takes over the planet. The uninfected on the search for other uninfected people and a cure are always endangered and in combat with some of the aggressive but (in the first phases of the illness) still human and intelligent infected. If I have to label this movie with one term it would be standard. The movie is not bad and is entertaining if you like these kind of movies but can't reach top level. Contagion, Outbreak, Blindness, Carriers or Maggie (Arnold Schwarzenegger) are imo better movies in one or another way how these movies depict or give us a perspective/narrative on a virus-outbreak. But Pandemic has nothing to do with these kind of zombie-movies where the most professional thing about is the cover-artwork and the rest is just a piece of ****. Pandemic I would compare with a movie like Crazies - it has a good share of gore and action. But what really annoyed me and dragged down this movie for me is this "ego-shooter"/pov-perspective the camera (helmet-cams) takes on a lot of time - the problem: the camera is too shaky for me, like in some of these found-footage movies. I simply don't like that kind of camera-work and imo it does no good at all or adds something good to the movie. Why the director made this decision and spoiled his movie is a mystery to me. With a "regular" camera the movie would just work fine and I would rate Pandemic one maybe even 2 stars higher.

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