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Reviewed by biXen 3 / 10

Too far fetched

A friend recommended this movie to me and since we both like the thriller genre I decided to give it a go.

The movie is a bit like a mix of the B-movie Turbulence (which are so bad that they amuse me), Unbreakable and Saw, and the games Manhunt. The plot is about 4 people that win a competition where the prize is a trip to New York. When they get on the plane all hell breaks loose.

Without spoiling anything I can say that there's a game they must play, and the game is made up of what they've done on a social network. The social network is facebook but they've obviously renamed it.

The whole plot is far fetched but in a setting where it shouldn't be, the characters are unrealistic and the acting isn't that great in my opinion. I found myself not caring much about what the reason is for whatever happens because the characters weren't believable. Some of it is so stupid that I wish I could tell you without spoiling. I don't recommend it, watch a better movie.

Reviewed by AtlanticSwell 7 / 10

High concept attempt which just about makes it to the finish line

As other reviewers have said this is low budget British horror with not a big name in sight. It's Social Network meets Saw on a private jet and most of the action (maybe 85 out of 92 minutes) happens in what is a claustrophobic and slightly greenish (?) space. But I take my hat off to the film-makers for going for a high concept piece. I enjoyed the final twist and found the characters right at the end immensely creepy. It did set my mind racing...I don't think the production values were that bad. Yes, the camera is clearly Hal 9000, but then I wonder if that doesn't say more about who put it there than anything else. I was waiting for one of the characters to make a reference to the Hal 9000 likeness, and to snigger more and make a joke of 'Dave'...but then...

I think there's been a lot of over-positive reviews which is perhaps a tad suspicious from people who've only ever reviewed one film ie this one, and then a few really quite nasty ones. I think the truth lies somewhere in between. For something low budget this is fine: I think it'll gain traction when it hits the £3 DVD barrier.

I like Brit horror and this is OK. 6 or 7 out of 10.

Reviewed by trashgang 6 / 10

suspenseful thriller, Saw without the blood

This is a weird one to review, I mean, there's almost no blood in it and still I wouldn't advice it to kids to watch this flick. And it's easy to say that it is in the line of Saw, watch it, somebody giving orders to 4 players on a plane. It is Chris Crow his second attempt to make a full feature and for being filmed just on a plane he did a fine job. Due being less on horror I still kept watching what was really going on and I even laughed a bit with the inside joke about Big Brother.

The acting was really good and you start to know the 4 players in the beginning and you must admit that if you were in the same game you wouldn't like to reveal yourself. Everybody has his dark secrets and this is in fact were it's all about. It made me even think about the internet, it's a fact everything you do is being watched or registered on some server.

The story itself did have some twists but the end I personally didn't like. But at the end of the day, it is a suspense full thriller with some pieces of torture, I would say without offending somebody, if you can't stand the gore in Saw than watch this one.

Gore 1/5 Nudity 0/5 Effects 2/5 Story 3/5 Comedy 0/5

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