Papadopoulos & Sons


Action / Comedy / Drama

IMDb Rating 6.1 10 1992


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Frank Dillane as James Papadopoulos
Stephen Dillane as Harry Papadopoulos
Ed Stoppard as Rob
Georgia Groome as Katie Papadopoulos
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by osmundbullock 2 / 10

Oh dear...

Utterly dire, the worst type of contemporary British film - was this Lottery-funded, I wonder? Allegedly a comedy drama it is neither funny nor dramatic - the sort of piece they used to call 'heart-warming' for want of anything else positive to say.

Dillane is catastrophically miscast - about as Greek as an Asda moussaka. Not the most inspiring screen actor at the best of times, for the first half he stands around looking stunned-to-blankly moody, saying little and little apparently going on inside either. But that's better than when he does finally start saying something - so bland he seems to have suffered a stroke. The script, the direction, the editing unutterably clichéd, unimaginative, predictable and SLOOOOOW - and I *love* slow when the slowness lets you watch interesting things going on. No such luck here.

The most unbelievable brothers since Schwarzenegger and DeVito in 1988 - but this time it's not meant to be a joke. And finally the traditional British film failing: some really embarrassing supporting turns which should have been ruthlessly excised - the guy playing Lars, the Scandinavian money man, gets my award for the worst foreign accent of the decade...nearer German, if anything, but like one in a bad war film of the 1950s. The only Greekness I detected anywhere was in the music, but even that relentlessly trying to tell us what we should be feeling and when (the script and action having failed to do so) - sad, hopeful, joyful, sad again (and again and again)...and finally triumphant and (you've guessed it) heart-warming.

At one point a character (Dillane? I forget) says, "This doesn't feel right" - the most truthful line in the movie, I'm afraid.

Reviewed by JOHN MOONEY 3 / 10

Well filmed but oh so dull.

Nice camera-work but the lack of storyline severely limits this film's potential. Although it looks good the story never really develops and there are huge leaps of both imagination and plot.

At times there is a strong flavour of the work of Mike Leigh but this cannot detract from the fact that the film itself is so boring. It is so slowly paced, there is so little in the story for one to feel empathy for the characters and the story itself is so stilted that you are left checking how much more of the film there is to endure barely half an hour into it.

Very unsatisfying fare. Like cutting into crispy batter to find no fish inside.

Reviewed by faye_marie 10 / 10

Cannot recommend this movie enough!

I have been told I am the worst person to watch a film at the cinema with, I have a movie watching attention span and patience of a nat, constantly clarifying what's going on and regularly leaving half way through as I have just not been captivated enough. Imagine my surprise when I watched a movie that I viewed in its entirety, with very little clarification and on finishing watching the film, wanted to watch it again and again! The goofy feel good feeling you get on watching the film is something you want to experience again and want others to experience. The message you take away from it have never been more important. I am eagerly awaiting the production of the DVD so I can send it to everyone who I've been raving about the film to! Its pure magic.

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