Paris, Texas


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Dean Stockwell as Walt Henderson
Harry Dean Stanton as Travis Henderson
Nastassja Kinski as Jane Henderson
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Reviewed by ([email protected]) 10 / 10

Life-altering. The greatest film of all time.

I first saw this film almost fifteen years ago and thought about almost nothing else for at least a month. I have never seen a film before or since that presents the extremes of love, pain, and loss with such immediacy and ruthless candor. Watching this film with openness, identifying with the characters, made me wince and writhe in sympathetic agony. I didn't cry; rather, I was reminded of all the times I have wept in my life, and why.

Perhaps each person person has a film -- usually a masterpiece -- which affects him or her so strongly that it is beyond description. This is mine.

Reviewed by mie_bie 8 / 10

"Life Is a Journey, Not a Destination".

Like other movements, "the new wave" of German cinema just started to be developed step by step in the 80s of last century; the main goal at that time was peace, cooperation -- the years after when the Cold War ended.

Except for the critical point of each film are movies construction of the same era. If, on the other hand we look more closely: Its content, circumstances, emphasis is very abundance and separate.

"Paris, Texas" is a movie also in that case -- What we are talking about.

From overall to each detail, the film begins with the scene of Travis walking alone on the path of a vast desert, and the doctor found Travis's home phone number, information about the missing brother has just been found, its come to Walt (younger brother of Travis).

The reunion between the two brothers was not long, two brothers drove to a restaurant - where Walt began to question the main cause of his brother's missing.

By this time people may ask: "Why in life too many obstacles, difficulties make people easily controlled?" or "Why Walt doesn't care for his brother?".

"Sadness flies away on the wings of time!".

In light of these facts, the movie seems to lead the audience "to new horizons" as it officially reveals the stories hidden behind: Four years after Travis's missing, Walt and his wife held the role of nurturing his elder brother's son (Hunter).

Travis finally broke his silence as he looked at a Texas map referring to "Paris,..." he planned to go there in the future (he confused with Paris of France). He said it was just for the convenience of passing so he refuses to fly, to rent a car and the brothers began their long journey back to Los Angeles.

As the two brothers continue their journey in the next day, Travis shows Walt a weathered photograph of a vacant lot. It took a while, he explains that he purchased the property in Paris, Texas -- a town he believes is his birthplace, based on a story told by their mother.

"It's better to know and be disappointed, than to never know and always wonder!".

Upon arriving in Los Angeles, the father and son (Travis and Hunter) reunite, but Hunter is not comfortable and thinks that it's just a stranger. Later, Walt try to reestablish connections from some old home movies, he just in the hope of creating good memories and breaking up the conflict between Travis and his elder brother's son.

Relationships between them have only just begun to improve: a trust between two people are separated after a long time ago; its has just been created at the moment, now! Walt's wife (Anne) tells Travis she has secretly deposited money for Travis's son' (Hunter) through the bank, although she has not heard any news of Hunter's mother for a long period of time.

Obviously, we can recognize: "People always master of their owns life, always longing for seeking Happiness. Before the difficulties, people just always try to overcome!".

A determination shown in Walt's brother, he begins to plan with Hunter to find his son's mother again.

On a short trip, but it has a great meaning for the father and son, as they understand each other more, listen to each other and sympathize for each other.

Having seen the mother just out of the bank, Travis and his own son track her to a club. In this place, he realizes a shocking truth when every room are filled with one- dimensional mirrors -- significance of the director's in this detail is that its refers to the inner world of human is so deep that we not able to see (?!).

As well as a grim portrait of a land where people like Travis and Jane cannot put down roots. There are days like that, quietly, not sad, not happy, slowly drift... the end of a day.

Afterwards only a few moments of awkward silence he walked out despite the fact that his wife (Jane) she was in one of those rooms.

The day after, he decides into a one-way mirror room, he trying to contact Jane. A story about a man and young girl falling in love is told, its made Jane embarrassed because she suddenly realized someone across of the glass!

The touching story about two people, its just started when Travis describes how the couple's love turned from being joyful to stifling, explains how the drunken man suffocated the young girl with his jealousy and control, and tells how he came to loathe himself (!).

A strong emotion takes place in Jane's soul until Travis was about to leave, she urged him to stay.

It's many years, couple because circumstances do not allow -- they can't meet even just once, there's so much thing to talk about enough.

Notable that night, Jane decided to leave room for the reunion with her husband and son. Any story that also ends, Travis looked at the clock and drove away until the screen began to darken.

Surely the end of the film has caused you to wonder that: "Once in a lifetime, regardless of all the moments in life, is there any value that we have truly treasured and where is Happiness before we seek it ourselves?".

The director too successful to express the message of the film we can pay attention to gestures, actions through the characters (even though this movie with little dialogue).

Personally I think is the movie really hard to watch (It's true), as its a little too abstract and insightful with involves "multiple layers of meaning" -- this thing only for loving hearts, and if you "feel it all" in your heart then you will find it very reality and meaningful!

Reviewed by ([email protected]) 10 / 10

Do I envy people who don't like this movie?

It's hard for me to select just one movie as my very favorite, but if I had to, "Paris, Texas" would probably be it.

As I recall, I first saw it while I was a student in a small theater in '84 or '85; a year or two later I recorded it from cable to Beta tape. After not having watched it for years, I've played it again a few times over the last couple of years. Many movies I recall having liked in the past are just big disappointments when I watch them years later. That's not the case with this one! Then I was single; now I'm married. That alone makes a big difference, but I also find that even some small elements now have more meaning. I previously attached no significance to the scene where Travis was determined to find the same rental car in which he and Walt had previously driven. But how often people do sentimentally and fiercely cling to, objectively, unimportant things in reaction to having had their hearts and spirits broken more than a few times over important things. I often recall this scene when observing some instance of this in myself or others.

I am struck by what opposite opinions people have of this movie. If you have few problems relating to other people, or you don't care much about relating to other humans, and little in your life disappoints you over long spells of your life, you will probably find this movie very boring. I sort of envy people in this situation, though before I would want to wish myself to be like that, I pause at how much my life would be changed and how little of my personality would be left, if I did.

I, too, eagerly await the release of this movie on high quality DVD, and hope that my still barely viewable Beta will last til then.

"Oh, Travis."

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