Pastor Shepherd


Action / Comedy

Rotten Tomatoes Audience - Spilled 60%
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Danny Trejo as Phil Harrison
Maria-Elena Laas as Annamarie-ah Harrison
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by Watmachtdiekuh 8 / 10

Great Movie!

This is a great movie to watch with anyone you want! At first everything seems a little creepy but all the characters are played great and you can feel the good atmosphere in there :)

Even if its incomparable some scenes had a "little miss sunshine" feeling to it .

Also I like the fact its not overloaded with vulgarity so I can recommend it to anyone I want :)

There is a lot of videos from Pastor Shepherd on youtube and from Josh Perry & Scott Allen Perry too !

Thanks for this great Movie !

Reviewed by paulinetone 8 / 10

I was pleasantly surprised...

Raised by evangelists, I normally don't find films about religion funny at all. Between flashbacks of my baptism in the Atlantic Ocean and post-traumatic stress from having to memorize all the books of the Bible (forwards and backwards --- that's right Revelation to Genesis and everything in between -- 66 in all, if memory serves) I normally run faster than Lot's family from Sodom and Gomorrah at the mention of anything with the word "Pastor" attached.

Soooo, I was pleasantly surprised when I found myself happily locked into my seat for the duration of Edwin Marshall's "Pastor Shepherd." As an industry veteran, my normally jaded filter was wiped clean by the naivete with which our hero approached life. Not since "Forrest Gump" has a character's purity of spirit so captivated an audience. His journey as he cares for his prescription drug and televangelist-addicted mother, applies himself diligently to his dare we say... morbid? profession, and struggles to communicate with those in his small world, has us cheering for this unlikely hero. "Pastor Shepherd" hearkens us back to a time when innocence was cool. And I think that's pretty darn neat.

Reviewed by fredtubbs 8 / 10

Truly funny moments

A friend invited me to the WorldFest Houston film festival to see this film. Overall I really enjoyed it. There are truly some laugh out loud moments. I really liked the Dewey character. I literally laughed for 2-3 minutes after seeing him painting his toenails with white-out. I also think the interaction between Shepherd and Phil, especially early in the film, is classic funny.

This may not be Danny Trejo's most memorable role, but I think we was more than adequate as the straight man to Shepherd's goofiness.

There is a definite 'independent' vibe to the film, but not in a negative way. In fact, it's clean and professional in it's delivery. I'm looking forward to seeing it again, I get the feeling there is more funny in the film that I missed.

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