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Marton Csokas as Lieutenant Barnes
Nikki Reed as Amanda
Ray Liotta as Man in the Suit
Stephen Lang as Charlie
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by IMDBer100575 7 / 10


I watched this movie on one of those "lazy" days (it was the last day of my week-long vacation). I was bored and didn't want to do anything so I popped in a movie.

I quite enjoyed the movie until the ending. I think the writers ran out of weed or something and just got bored writing. The movie tried to build up all these possibilities and then in the end, it just abandoned everything. I found that I just sat there asking, "what about the..."

The rest of the story was fine: acting was good, lighting / atmosphere was quite pro, make-up / wardrobe was excellent. I think Michael Chiklis is a fine actor and in this movie, he really got to show how bad-ass he can be as an antagonist. Also, Jessica Szohr is nice eye- candy. :)

If you're bored on a lazy day with nothing else to do but entertain the mind, or if you're out conquering Pandaria, pop in this movie for a go.

Reviewed by J. Davis ([email protected]) 7 / 10

Decent robbery/hostage film --^6.7/10^---

Lots of star power, but when broken down, names like Forest Whitaker and Ray Liotta are only slightly involved within the film, but we do get a solid dose of Michael Chiklis. What seems to be a basic late night armed robbery plan turns out to be more complex as the many ulterior motives surface. A top level crime boss operating out of the diner has saved information including the names, dates, jobs, payouts & details on basically everything that has gone down in the city in the last 20 years. In fear of this list being revealed, a plan is set in motion to recover said information before anyone can be exposed. A simple job assigned to one person(M. Chiklis) evolves into a crew of thugs who get greedy and go in ahead of schedule. Setting off a chain of events that shakes up the lives of a variety of different people as a tense standoff begins when a call gets out to police.

Michael Chiklis is good as the gang's leader, who all happen to be British for some reason. Hearing him effectively using an English accent was a bit strange, while it was convincing it was at times a little distracting. Nonetheless the acting was very good all around, as is the camera work & audio. If they did happen to have any budget constraints it didn't show at any point during the film. All that said, the film really didn't put me on the edge of my seat, it wasn't an intense thriller nor did it try to be. My curiosity of the big picture is what kept me engaged, as the story was entertaining & has enough twists & turns to keep the viewer from being bored. It's not a fast paced thriller, as it often cuts back and forth to explain exactly what brought all these characters together. IMO it is definitely worth a rental if you're looking to pass some time. I give it a 6.7/10

Reviewed by Wizard-8 5 / 10

Pretty good

This movie is evidence that you don't need a large budget or a ton of action to keep an audience interested. I thought this movie was captivating from beginning to end. It isn't a perfect movie - there is a little bit too much coincidence in the story that prevents the audience from completely swallowing the story smoothly, and the end seems a little unfinished in some details. But other than that, the movie is very well done. It's a little strange to hear Michael Chiklis speak with a British accent, but he manages to sell his character. In fact, all the actors do a good job. While low budget, the movie looks slick and professional in every shot. The real star of the movie is the script, which has a lot of twists and turns, enough that I could not see where the movie was heading. If you like independent cinema, this is one example that is very pleasing to watch.

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