Pawn Shop Chronicles


Action / Comedy / Crime

Rotten Tomatoes Critics - Rotten 13%
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Norman Reedus as Stanley
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by janssuh-2 8 / 10

Strange movie, but it's a good kind of strange.

This is the first time I write a review for a movie, not that this movie needs one. But it deserves it. Because the first time I heard of Pawn Shop Chronicles, I thought the History channel made a movie about a very bad reality series. But don't let the title fool you. This one the best triptych i ever seen. Just watch it, I'll guarantee it, you'll have great time.

If you are a Pulp Fiction fan, you'll definitely appreciate this movie. Excellent and out of their "usual comfort zone" performances from some of the most under-appreciated and underestimated actors in Hollywood. Watch the movie and you'll understand it.

Reviewed by zif ofoz 10 / 10

A wonderful symbolic socio-religious/political look at America today

Just discovered this movie and decided to watch as it is listed as a 'comedy'. And a very dark comedy it is! There are some really disturbingly funny scenes, but I found the balance of the film to be a sarcastically allegorical comment on life in America. Why the previous reviewers missed this is a surprise! Throughout the entire story director Wayne Kramer has offered to the viewer symbolic remarks on religion, politics, and economic life in the American laboring society.

First we see the pawn shop - in America everything is a commodity that can be sold and bought - nothing has real value and value is always marginalized when the seller is in 'need'.

Second Kramer offers the three rednecks who, on the surface are religious, in symbols only, and have no idea why 'they believe' because they are too consumed with destructive self indulgence. Then when Vernon is left for dead a 'savior' appears not to save him but to offer the chance for revenge. In America it's just believing that makes religion true, not understanding and living it.

Third Richard discovers 'the ring' in the pawn shop and seeks answers as to how it got there. Kramer again shows us how property is valued in the social order. Material things along with humans are gifts for capitalist overlords. Shaw represents the ownership society. And when they offer favors to the 'working class' they are to be obedient and grateful, as seen with the caged women for Shaw's pleasure and the 'number one' caged girl who refuses to leave because she gets 30 minutes of television a week in 'the house'. Richard is the liberator and freedom fighter that American's always reject and destroy.

Fourth Kramer gives us Ricky, the fourth rate Elvis impersonator, and here Kramer sums up the movie. Americans want to be 'a star' but few have that kind of talent outside of being a big fish in a small pond. And thats where Ricky finds himself. His image is compelling to the locals in that unnamed small southern town and they willing follow him around! Ricky wants a barber to even his sideburns and must choose between two identical barber shops. Kramer smartly symbolizes the American political system here as there is no real difference between the two leading parties (Democrats & Republicans). But the locals think there is a difference between the two barber shops and when Ricky picks one over the other mayhem erupts in the street. In America perception is what drives the choices. When the choice really doesn't exist! When Ricky gets to perform at the carnival he is so unprepared and untalented the locals reject him. Then when he accepts the offer made by the street preacher (Mephistopheles type character), Ricky's whole image changes when he starts singing 'Amazing Grace'. Suddenly the local towns folk see him as bright and talented because he has accepted their Christian values. Then the naked and filth covered cage women show up and wrap themselves in the American flag. The image of justice and freedom shine as long as Americans have patriotism and God. Shaw returns from the dead to claim the filth covered women and a new woman. They all follow him out. The locals are too star struck to notice what's happening right before them. Kramer shows how Americans cannot escape the capitalist system (Shaw) because society will always give into religion, patriotism and those who control the money.

The film closes with Harry (little man/big truck) entering the pawn shop to teach Alton a lesson but JJ quells him easily and then it's business as usual for Alton. Harry is the collective conscience of America and it's small and easy to overlook, but it's always there.

Pawn Shop Chronicles is a triumph for Kramer - it's perfection start to finish!

Reviewed by painterdg 8 / 10

Not for those with cognitive challenges

This film is a very dark comedy, and is definitely not for everyone, as may be apparent from the previous reviews. As with James Joyce's "Ulysses," director Wayne Kramer's "Pawn Shop Chronicles" follows several characters through their own adventures during a single day. Unlike Joyce's classic, this modern story takes place in a small, quirky southern American town rather than Dublin, Ireland. Still, for those of us with attention spans longer than that of the average house pet, the threads of the three stories that make up the chronicles can be seen slowly interweaving into an harmonious comedic tapestry. The viewer who pays meticulous attention will be rewarded, since quite literally everything in the film echoes and resonates throughout all three vignettes, and like far-off thunder slowly building to a deafening crescendo, it all comes together in the perfect ending. Well suited to repeated viewings, I feel that "Pawn Shop Chronicles" is destined to become a cult classic among truly discerning aficionados of modern comic cinema.

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