Penny Serenade


Action / Drama / Romance

Rotten Tomatoes Critics - Certified Fresh 93%
Rotten Tomatoes Audience - Upright 75%
IMDb Rating 7.2 10 5010


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Cary Grant as Roger Adams
Irene Dunne as Julie Gardiner
Edgar Buchanan as Applejack
Beulah Bondi as Miss Oliver
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by renelle 10 / 10

Cary Grant's best performance

One well written movie of the 40's. To this day, this movie will hold your attention even though you will find no vulgarity, nudity or violence.

Tragedy turns to comedy with tale of a writer and his newlywed desperate to settle down in a traditional American lifestyle, start a new business and have a family. Their innocence is refreshing, and the writer has such timing in the course of events that you find yourself wanting to help this couple diaper a baby!!!

Cary Grant "nails" this performance with his "heart-felt" speech in front of a judge. (Get a box of tissue for this one.) The body/language between Grant's and Dunn's character make this movie charming and realistic.

You find yourself laughing out-loud with the "every-day-problems-of-life" this couple gets themselves involved with......good for the whole family. A must see and a true classic.

Reviewed by P C ([email protected]) 10 / 10

Great watch on a rainy day

I just love this sweet old movie. Cary Grant is gorgeous, Irene Dunne beautiful, Edgar Buchanan a lovable old codger. A story about falling in love and the deep inner desire to build a family with the one you love -- and the challenges and sadness that can be as great, but never really greater, than the happiness and fulfillment it brings.

Falling in love, best friends, career challenges, pregnancy, miscarriage, infertility, adoption, death, divorce... it's all covered in this one sweet little movie. And it's all told in a way that reminds us all how important music is as it sets the soundtrack to our lives.

This is a wonderful movie. It may not be Citizen Kane -- but it is definitely worthy of your time.

Reviewed by makain 10 / 10

A truly sweet and sentimental film.

I wasn't much of a Cary Grant fan until I saw this film for the first time about 10 years ago, and I also discovered the embodiment of grace and charm that is Irene Dunne as well. Cary Grant is at his most charming and gives a very amusing and, at times, very very touching performance as a new dad. When he gives his heart-rending speech to the child custody judge and begs to keep his adopted baby girl, it brings a lump to my throat every time I see it. Irene Dunne was a classy lady in anything she did, and can be as quietly funny as she can be dramatic, as she demonstrated in this film. She was a great "straight-man," too, to Cary Grant's more animated role. I truly love this film.

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