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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by bp96-137-679777 10 / 10

Kid again

Liked this a lot. I was 4 when I first saw Pete's dragon way back in '83 or whatever back in England. I remember how much I loved the idea of Pete's dragon. I watched the original a few years back and realized that it was a fairly average musical with an animated dragon. But still!!!! I remember how great the story or idea of a personal dragon was. The modern spin is very sentimental, but never cheesy. Everything was great; from casting to special effects. I really enjoyed this movie. If you remember the old Pete's dragon from back when you were a skid, you'll love this movie. To be completely honest, there were several tear jerker moments. I guess they really nailed down the aspects of a child becoming suddenly orphaned. They also did a really good job if propelling the story so that it never sat idle. Robert Redford played the integral old timer part, but played it exceptionally well as to be expected. It is also relevant to mention that I typically do not review movies I have just seen immediately after I have seen them. This film made an exception for me.

Reviewed by jezfernandez 7 / 10

Packs some emotional heft

This updated version wasn't quite what I was expecting, though surprisingly good. The dominant theme is friendship and family and they explore this through a rather subtle tension. Pete loves Elliot, but he also needs a family (which he finds in surrogate form through Bryce Dallas-Howard, her fiancé and his young daughter).

The threat feels shoehorned in, as Karl Urban's inexplicably vengeful logger decides to hunt down the dragon and do...well, he hasn't really thought that one through. It's a weak plot device that sells the story a little short, but is ultimately forgivable. I had a sizeable lump in my throat at several points in the film, and I'm not one for sentimentality. Director Lowery handles the emotion well, particularly through an inspired folksy soundtrack.

There are distinct shades of ET here, as a boy comes to terms with the impossibility of a critical friendship. Not a lot really happens in this movie, but what you get is well paced and thoughtful.

Well worth a watch.

Reviewed by Aussie Movie Reviews 7 / 10

A Remake way better then the Original.

7/10. This is a remake of Disney's 1977 classic, in which a lost little boy (Pete) finds friendship with a dinosaur called Elliot. Now I must say up front that I really was never a fan of the original, I found it dull and boring. It is not a big classic like a lot of other Disney films, but it still has a big following of people that love it. However I am very glad that they went back 39 years later and remade it, I really liked this film and thought it was a great film for the whole family, with heartfelt moments, funny moments and also action scenes that were good fun for adults and children. I have heard criticism of the way this film starts off, with Pete losing his parents, but honestly this is not a put off for young children and is made in a way that is not sad. My two young kids were not afraid in this film at all, and absolutely loved it. Director David Lowery does a fantastic job in this remake for families. Oakes Fegley who plays Pete really does a great job for a young boy, I think he might be one to watch in the future. Pete's Dragon #petesdragon

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