Phantasm: Ravager


Action / Fantasy / Horror

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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by kclipper 6 / 10

17 year long-awaited final chapter

Cult classic film fans will appreciate the visionary elements of Director, David Hartman's glimpse into the bizarre and fantastical world of the "Phantasm" series in this disjointed but entertaining final chapter in a long-time saga of weirdness and mayhem. This is the first of the "Phantasm" films that is not directed by originator, Don Coscarelli and the final performance of the late and great Angus Scrimm as the "Tall Man" who passed away at age 89 in 2016. He returns along with much of the original cast of the "Phantasm" films including: Reggie Banister, Michael Baldwin, Bill Thornbury, Kelly Lester, Gloria Lynne Henry and the awesome '71 Cuda as they battle the evil army of graveroobbers that continue to populate the countryside with living-dead dwarfs, zombies and of course, the dreaded silver spheres. Its been 17 years since "Phantasm IV" and this picks up where that film left off, but with a significantly older Reggie Banister wandering the mid-west after his subsequent escape from the "Tall Man" and his minions. Don't fret since it has been a while since the film's opening quickly recaps the basic highlights of previous films including Phantasm IV's revealing of the identity and origins of the "Tall Man", Morningside Cemetery and the mystery of the flying spheres.

This falls short of everything you would expect from a continuation of the Phantasm saga, but as a long time fan its nice to hear that original Fred Myrow/Malcolm Seagrave musical score that once again sets the mood for this outstandingly strange world. Ultimately, this utilizes the fact that the original characters are at the mercy of old age and lost time, especially Reggie as he is diagnosed with dementia, institutionalized and cannot tell the difference between nightmare and reality and must reprise everything he already experienced and more. The final moments of Angus Scrimm combined with Reggie's journey into past reflections are handled quite well by director/writer, David Hartman whom you can tell is a devoted fan of the series. Presumably, this is on a modest budget, but that is no surprise, and it seems to contribute to the comic relief and overall ambiance of the film. The problems with this movie arise with Reggie's memories and whether or not they corroborate the events in the story, as this is the whole point and meaning of "Phantasm". What may be conceived of as real may not be, and what is remembered may just be a glimpse into an alternate reality. Are Reggie's memories just another attempt by the Tall Man to destroy him, or will he actually reunite with his friends Mike and Jody and defeat the Tall Man once and for all? Its inevitably a battle between Reggie's blurred fantasy of world domination as he struggles between dreams and reality. The film is definitely flawed, Dawn Cody is terrible as the female interest and Angus Scrimm's character is obviously transposed into many scenes from the older prints. Cheap CGI effects are evident and the last half hour is so confusing and pointless leaving no closure to the overall story except a messy and convoluted ending, but as a fan, its nice to see the cast reunited, and some fresh ideas. Its too bad it took so long to materialize this final chapter and why they couldn't perfect it due to so many production and writing difficulties which are obvious. Its not satisfying, but I had some fun with it for what it is.. I guess its up to the fans to decide after all these years whether or not it can hold a candle to its predecessors. Not great, but can't say I found it completely worthless. Think of it as a homage to an original and intriguing concept and a farewell to those who contributed to it.

Reviewed by corvairscott 7 / 10

Great way to wrap it all up.....

Great way to wrap it all up, fun movie! I read some bad reviews, but what are they expecting? Angus Scrimm (RIP) was a real gem, and he will be missed as the Tall Man. Phantasm V Ravager had a lot of good scenes and some new characters. There are funny moments, punctuated with horror, and we're just as confused as Reggie the Ice Cream Man. Loved the weapons and '71 Baracuda! It's a fun jaunt down memory lane! Watch a Phantasm Marathon to catch up if you can. I highly recommend to Phantasm fans. But if you're new to Phantasm, you should still be able to enjoy Ravager. We get insight into the plague of the Tall Man, causing trouble in multiple universes and find out others are fighting him as well in what seems like a hopeless battle through space and time.

Reviewed by actorpasct 4 / 10

Pointless and horrible. RIP Angus Scrimm.

Phans (no, that's not spelled wrong) eagerly awaited this apparent last entry to the Phantasm movies for a long time indeed. Phantasm started way back in 1979 with the original cult classic, which was actually remastered recently. They probably waited more than 20 years to get Ravager made if you research it long enough.

Angus who played the villain in every entry up to Ravager, sadly passed away in early 2016. But the wait just wasn't worth it. The effects are okay, and the film actually started off good. While the series is nothing to write home about, the story in the others was rather fun. Ravager on the other hand is just so confusing, and the finale didn't really pay off. Out of nowhere, this little man of a short stature who is a soldier or something just appears and upstages Reggie. Yeah. Some nobody apparently kills off "The Tall Man" in one super-duper head scratching moment, only it's hinted that there's a lot of 'Tall Men' in the universe. Maybe they're his many alien clones. Who knows?

It's just a series of strung together kills, running around, and dream like scenes with Reggie in a hospital talking to another stalwart of the series named Mike. The ending was just so uninspiring. The film answers no questions at all. There's even a pointless cameo from Rocky, the tough chick from Phantasm III: Lord of the Dead who does not even appear until during the end credits, but her showing up served no real purpose and she never evens talk to Reggie, but rather Chunk, who is the little guy I've just told you about. The ending sort of suggests a sequel could happen one day, but as Angus is no longer here, it's unlikely to happen. It sort of has made the story of the series now feel somewhat irrelevant. Was it all just a dream? Who knows? I'm actually shocked that they didn't do more with this movie. Even Phantasm IV: Oblivion was heaps better.

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