Phantasm: Ravager


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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by actorpasct 4 / 10

Pointless and horrible. RIP Angus Scrimm.

Phans (no, that's not spelled wrong) eagerly awaited this apparent last entry to the Phantasm movies for a long time indeed. Phantasm started way back in 1979 with the original cult classic, which was actually remastered recently. They probably waited more than 20 years to get Ravager made if you research it long enough.

Angus who played the villain in every entry up to Ravager, sadly passed away in early 2016. But the wait just wasn't worth it. The effects are okay, and the film actually started off good. While the series is nothing to write home about, the story in the others was rather fun. Ravager on the other hand is just so confusing, and the finale didn't really pay off. Out of nowhere, this little man of a short stature who is a soldier or something just appears and upstages Reggie. Yeah. Some nobody apparently kills off "The Tall Man" in one super-duper head scratching moment, only it's hinted that there's a lot of 'Tall Men' in the universe. Maybe they're his many alien clones. Who knows?

It's just a series of strung together kills, running around, and dream like scenes with Reggie in a hospital talking to another stalwart of the series named Mike. The ending was just so uninspiring. The film answers no questions at all. There's even a pointless cameo from Rocky, the tough chick from Phantasm III: Lord of the Dead who does not even appear until during the end credits, but her showing up served no real purpose and she never evens talk to Reggie, but rather Chunk, who is the little guy I've just told you about. The ending sort of suggests a sequel could happen one day, but as Angus is no longer here, it's unlikely to happen. It sort of has made the story of the series now feel somewhat irrelevant. Was it all just a dream? Who knows? I'm actually shocked that they didn't do more with this movie. Even Phantasm IV: Oblivion was heaps better.

Reviewed by kingramze 3 / 10

a waste

I'm a fan of the series. I had hoped for more insight into the Tall Man, the orbs, their plan, etc. I'd hoped for a resolution to the "fight" or at least more of a progression and a better idea of what we're fighting against. Ultimately, this movie accomplishes nothing. It's not even funny or scary.

It doesn't add any new info to the series or progress any story arc in any way. Imagine if another series like say... Evil Dead had another movie added that did nothing new and had no real resolution. Ultimately boring. At least its predecessor, Phantasm IV, though flawed introduced new information about the villain.

I could (and likely will) dream up a more satisfying story line and adventure for the series than what was presented.

Reviewed by MichaelJEpstein 10 / 10

Great new installment for fans following the whole arc of the series

I've now seen it twice and I really loved Ravager. Yes, it was made with modest resources, and that is visible, but it accomplishes all of the important things a film in this series should accomplish. It explores a story about how fear manifests when faced with terribly difficult realities.

I love how the first film is about a young person coping with the deaths of their family, and Ravager is about an aging person coping with the loss of their memories as they face death. I love that full-circle, complementary nature of it. Without spoiling, I love that the Tall Man undergoes a real kind of transformation in it. In fact, it might be the most humanistic film in the whole series.

I just really think the movie was made with real care and understanding of the heart of Phantasm. I'd much rather see a low- budget film that really gets it, than a higher-budget film that doesn't.

So, in summary, Ravager is totally in the spirit of the films and gives tons to think about. If you're watching it and just griping about CGI, you're probably not watching Phantasm for what I consider the right reasons. This is really a film for people who love the first four films, and for us, it is a solid, sentimental payoff.

I really appreciated all four previous films and now I love the fifth as well.

And if you're writing a review that treats the series as literal narrative, and you are complaining that your literal narrative questions were not answered, please back away from the Phantasm movies slowly, because you are likely to trip over your own shoelaces.

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