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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by wildpeace10 3 / 10

Contains hardly any nudity at all!

A guy keeps files on the girls he sleeps with since he wants to sleep with all girls based on their alphabet names.

He then falls in love with one of them.His friend betrays him by showing her the files and explaining her the plan.Girl gets hurt.

Guy tries to win her over saying he's a changed man since he met her.

It might seem like a good story on paper but the script and direction is pretty dull.Some of the dialogue is also pretty awful.

Now if you saw the cover of this DVD and read that it even compares itself to PORKY'S, you just might think that this is a movie with a lot of nudity in the tradition of American PIE for example... but you'd be wrong.

The sex talk is there but if you want nudity,you'll have to search elsewhere.

Apart from a brief breasts shot at the end(we don't see the girl's face),it's pretty much nudity free.

if you still want to rent it,you might want to check the special feature whip 'em out pigs unrated auditions (features breasts auditions)and the filmmaker and cast commentary where you'll learn how they did this movie on the cheap.

Reviewed by katza_33 2 / 10

For the guys...Not the girls

OK for starters this movie absolutely shocked me. The biggest load of crap I have ever seen! They guys in this movie were the most disgusting, rudest, a**holes. I felt like strangling Cleaver and Miles because they acted like complete horny idiots. This movie makes girls look like cheap sl*ts who just want to have sex with any random guy that happens to step foot on their doorstep. But there is one thing that made me give this movie an extra rating point and that was the ending. I am so glad that Gabrielle got Miles back. Just when I thought that Gabrielle gave in to Miles, there was another twist. Good on her for that. Bout time someone taught Miles a lesson. What a jerk he turned out to be! This is definitely one for the guys. I know most girls would be disgusted with it.

Reviewed by jhrickles 1 / 10

I will never get these 84 minutes back.

This film has a great premise for a movie, if you like the kind of movies with gratuitous nudity, outrageous shocking moments, and hilariously uncomfortable situations and misunderstandings. There was one shot of nudity at the very end from a woman who had absolutely nothing to do with the film. There were no shocking moments. And the uncomfortable situations and misunderstandings were unrealistic and often hard to sit through. I did not laugh once. And I am not exaggerating. The many attempts at comedy failed miserably mainly because you could almost see the punchline before the joke was told. I didn't care one bit about the characters. And it seemed that they were all missing something. The main character, Miles, was supposed to be charming had no charm. Cleaver, who was supposed to be a Stifler-like character(American Pie), was just plain annoying. The original Stifler, you just love to hate him but can't hate him for long because he's pretty damn funny. When Cleaver's character attempts to copy him in this film, you just hate to know him and want to punch him in the face. And then there's Ben, the quiet roommate who is somewhat of the moral compass in the film. But he has probably never had a girl in his life, and he decides to tattle-tale on Miles late in the film, in the hopes that he will win the girl that Miles is supposedly "changing his ways" for. After Ben snitched on Miles, there was so little tension in the room I felt they were about to have a slap fight. And even THAT didn't happen.

And then there's the soundtrack. Normally I wouldn't comment on such a thing but it was distracting and pathetic. There was hardly any musical score to the movie, instead there were poorly written and poorly produced songs that were so completely blatant about what was happening in that particular scene or montage. If Tenacious D was retarded, somehow had retarded children, then those children formed a band, it would be the guys who made this soundtrack.

So here's what you should do instead for 84 minutes. Listen to your favorite comedy CD that you've heard a million times while you surf the web for the most softcore porn you can find. You'll at least have somewhat of a smile on your face from a joke you've already heard, and you won't have to wait til the 83rd minute to see some nudity. If you watch the movie anyway, please comment on here and if you can honestly say that you didn't waste your time, then please don't procreate.

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