Ping Pong Summer


Action / Comedy / Drama / Family

Rotten Tomatoes Critics - Rotten 57%
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Lea Thompson as Crandall Miracle
Susan Sarandon as Randi Jammer
Amy Sedaris as Aunt Peggy
John Hannah as Brendan Miracle
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by stachess 10 / 10

If you grew up in the 80's and like quirky non-mainstream films you might like this

I really liked this film. I am the same age as the protagonist, and I loved ping pong and rap music. We vacationed in Rehobith Beach which is not far from Ocean City.

But the movie itself has a low key, realistic feel to it; and it makes you feel good. I put it in my top 10 list. Those scenes on the boardwalk feel real to me. The protagonist was awkward, but likable. The best friend was nerdy, but cool--if that makes sense. The montage when they become best friends seemed heartfelt. They feel like real kids in the 80's. The arcades, the clothes, the family; it was just believable, innocent, and fun.

If you are into mainstream films you probably won't like it. But if you fall into my demographic this film may appeal to you. I liked it better than "The Way Way Back" that everyone else compares it to. That movie just didn't resonate with me; but this did. The family seemed more like mine; and more likable.

Reviewed by matty stanfield 8 / 10

Dude, It's 1985!

For those of us who loved Michael Tully's directorial debut, SEPTIEN, it was rather surprising to discover that he had a dream. That dream is PING PONG SUMMER -- a movie so far removed from his directorial debut it is almost impossible to imagine that both were made by the same artist!

There have been a number of movies that have attempted to recreate the 80's in just as many ways. Because this film is written/directed by Michael Tully you might expect that he would create something similar to David Wain's WET HOT American SUMMER … only more twisted. But that is not his intent. But this is no parody. This is not cynical.This is not even an ode to 1980's movies.

PING PONG SUMMER is simply a nostalgic memory of a very specific moment not only in American culture -- but in the life of a 13 year old boy. And guess what, it's not about a boy trying to get laid or having to survive through a traumatic childhood. This is a movie about a slightly awkward kid trying to find a way to assert his identity.

During a family summer vacation, an awkward 13 year old tries to find a way to assert his identity. The only problem is that he is just a bit too young and innocent to understand what that means, Rad ends up having a nice summer. We follow Rad through the summer. Things do happen, but never in an even slightly unbelievable way.

The magic of the movie lies in it's simplicity. We often only see the world through the eyes of a normal kid. And we quite literally re-experience 1985 from his perspective. Hip Hop was just about to break mainstream, Boom-boxes ruled, the Arcade was THE place to be and it was crucial to master the art of achieving the perfect mix for your Icey! Oh, and do remember the obscene amount and choice of food at buffet restaurant?!?!

There is actually a great deal of humor here.,but don't expect generic slapstick or crass humor. The films humor most often sneaks in just below the radar. The funniest moments are are in the way the characters react to the situations and/or comments made by others. Even when Amy Sedaris and Robert Longstreet are introduced as the "looney" aunt and uncle — the humor is not directly aimed at their inappropriate behavior. The funny aspect of this short extended family visit is in the way Rad's family creatively navigates the situation. They are family, after all.

It would be hard for anyone who was between the ages of 12 to 19 in the year of 1985 not enjoy this movie. There was something bittersweet about the movie. It often feels like a memory.

Reviewed by MovieHoliks 7 / 10

Made In The Style Of Bad Mid-1980s Flicks...........

I got around to watching this off Showtime the other day. I "think" a friend of mine had reviewed this awhile back, and it stuck out to me. I've been reading some user comments like "bad music", "bad acting", etc.. and those who wrote comments like that obviously didn't get this movie. If you go back and watch the filmmaking style of some of the summer teen comedies of the mid 1980s, you will see THIS movie! LOL This had to have been intentionally done-?? And the soundtrack- wow! LOVED it! This was not your usual generic hodge podge of '80s tunes you hear on the air waves today- someone must've really dug through their vinyl collection to put this mix together. Right from the opening, you hear that obscure song from John Cafferty- "Tough All Over"- ANY-one remember that one-?? LOL

The plot is as basic as it gets- ping pong obsessed teen goes on vacation to Ocean City with family, and gets himself into a match with a local bully. I don't know who that actor was as the main villain, but he was perfect!- just delivers these cliché'd bully lines perfectly!- and his redheaded mimmick side-kick-??- anyone sense a little homo-eroticism going on there-?? o.O Susan Sarandon has a good role as a former ping pong champ who takes our hero under her wings to transfer her wisdom, and '80s icon Lea Thompson plays his mom! And that Irish dude from "Four Weddings and a Funeral" played the dad.

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