Pitch Perfect 2


Action / Comedy / Music / Musical

Rotten Tomatoes Critics - Certified Fresh 65%
Rotten Tomatoes Audience - Upright 70%
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Rebel Wilson as Fat Amy
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by doofuspoofus 3 / 10

Hollywood loves pointless remakes AND sequels

I hated this movie almost as soon as it started. Everything was just off. It tried way too hard to be funny forcing Rebel Wilson to have to act extra weird and quirky as opposed to just naturally weird and quirky. Becca's working at a lame recording studio while trying to tell the Bellas she's going to quit. There's like two or three new girls that I can't remember because they're not memorable.

Then they go on this lame camping expedition where Audrey now works having graduated. The group of German singers they're going up against really suck and wouldn't even be hard to beat except that the Bellas suck too. Their end performance was crap especially compared to the first movie. Pitch Perfect was hilarious, charming, original, and had great performances. Pitch Perfect 2 was strained and pointless.

Reviewed by Laine K 4 / 10

Weak pitch

Already first movie had several scenes that made viewer feel uncomfortable and ashamed on behalf of movie creators, yet it had something that made you watch it till the end (attractive actors, nice musical performances etc.). Classic story of rebellious, gifted girl that is required to fit in particular group with no wish to do so wrapped in candy cotton of college love story. Apart from too many vomit scenes, movie still managed to qualify as good movie for late teenagers.

Unfortunately second movie came with large disappointment - plot turned out lazy, scenes exceeding comedy awkwardness level, over-plaid German characters and many more. Most jokes in movie were overused and did not fit right in particular scenes. If first movie let you enjoy the musical performances, then this part made me wish for less musical performances as most were unpalatable.

Not clear which audience group movie creators tried to address with humor based on overweight, vomit, improper culture framing and top level awkwardness. This is the case of first movie being a lot better and maybe it would be even better if it stayed that way - one movie.

Reviewed by kuuk3 2 / 10

So much potential wasted

It was a by-the-numbers story which we have all seen before. But that was not what disappointed me.

No, I was disappointed in that all these acappella groups have backing instrument tracks. Even the commentator had to comment about how in his day, it was done differently. Because what they were doing was not acappella music. It was pop hit medleys.

They have forgotten everything that was the magic of the first. Replacing strong vocals for circus skills, hula hoops, ribbon dancing and gymnastics. They were suppose to be an ACAPPELLA group!

Some of the racist and sexist jokes were funny, but borderline if you consider its target audience. Even suggesting Beca was into girls was getting awkward. Then they have the scene where there all sleeping together and one of them starts licking the others nose, and we cut away... I think the writers got a little confused on what they were writing and who it was for.

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