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Will Poulter as Fordy
Malese Jow as Beth
Graham McTavish as Steve Dawson
Alfie Allen as Yatesey
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by Neil Welch 8 / 10

Mildly enjoyable caper thriller

Four young London men, seeing their future limited by poor job prospects, develop a cottage industry of cloning credit cards. When two of them extend their activity to stealing a briefcase from the accountant of a rather unsavoury gangster, the four of them find that they have inadvertently incurred a rather large debt which carries with it the promise of severe physical retribution. Their only hope is to recruit a young woman who works for a credit card company and go for the cards of big spenders. In Miami.

The character dynamics in this tale (allegedly based on a true story) contain no surprises - we have the hero-type, his decent back-up guy, the dozy one, and the unreliable and somewhat duplicitous one. But the plot roams all over the place, and you are never quite sure how it is going to end up. The young cast does quite well.

I quite enjoyed it, although I think some aspects of the story don't bear very close examination, and I can imagine that there are those who will be annoyed by it. There is a lot of swearing and a bit of nudity and drug taking. Oh, and of course there is a fair amount of violence and crime.

Reviewed by CelluloidDog 4 / 10

Into the Recycling Bin

Reel Score: 4.3-4.6/10

Not really a bad film but the reviews here are 5.9/10 which must be a joke. So giving a 4/10 lowers it. But on a given day, I could even give it a 5/10 which is still below average (5-6) for me. Given it's a film from UK, that's not good news since there are plenty of solid films coming from the British Isles lately.

It's hard to find something really likable about this film other than Frankie played by Emma Rigby. Alfie Allen who plays Yatesey is a bright spot. The extra nuts in the private jet was actually a bit funny, but there wasn't much to laugh about for the entire film except laughing at it. The film claims to be base on a real story but it's about 95% fictionalized except for the car crash taken from Graff Diamonds Robbery which was UK's largest in 2009.

Other from that, there are no justified claims of reality. Acting is average, script is weak. We are supposed to believe a group of young men who can barely grow facial hair are responsible for raking in cash from a sophisticated fraud ring before trying to pull off a major heist. It's rather simplistic, aiming at a young audience. Speed, sex, violence are all part of the unoriginal formula. It's like a teenage horror film meets Ocean's Eleven.

There are dozens of better capers and this film doesn't fall among them. Still, it's passable if you have nothing better to do as it's not horrible, but it does fall short.

Reviewed by idontdodrugs 4 / 10

Quite dumb movie that can entertain

I went into this movie without much preknowledge about it. A bunch of college students cover their student loans by doing scams with credit cards. One day they trick the wrong person and a crime boss urges them to pay their debt of 2 million dollars in 2 weeks. That is the basic setup from where the film draws its suspense and interest. I have to say it kind of fails to deliver, though.

The beginning does a good job of filling in the characters and is enjoyable. The characters seem to follow the typical role prototypes. Camera direction is competent, there are very beautiful shots, and the few action scenes are not bad. On a side note, Emma Rigby looks gorgeous in here, although she has a very barbie-like vibe going on. The thought crossed my mind that the movie title actually fit her best...

The actual heist they are planning is a lackluster. In the end, you realize that it is actually dumb, and there are some major plot holes involved. There are moment where you scratch your head wondering how dumb the characters act.

There are tons of alternatives with better script, story and acting. Nevertheless, if you are in the mood for a lightly fun little heist movie, you may watch it. You won't miss something, though.

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