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Action / Comedy / Romance

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Marla Sokoloff as Julie Larabee
Paul Campbell as David Mitchell
Clint Howard as Dick Mitchell
Doris Roberts as Rose Sherman
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by jbalog3 7 / 10

Solid film

These reviews are a little harsh. The story is pretty cute. It has it's funny parts, but I didn't go in expecting much. It's a very basic plot that with some editing would be really good, but I think it is worth a watch.

I am a big fan of Indie films but they can be hit or miss. I thought it was a hit for originality in the story. I can agree with other reviews that it was rather annoying cutting back and forth between the two stories right when you get hooked. It has a feel good ending with a fun twist.

I do think the preview for the film is a little misleading. It is a lot more sexual than you would think, but I found it entertaining. Don't take it too literal or you won't have fun with it. There are some parts that might be considered offensive to ages 60 and up. I could see how the movie isn't for everybody. It's definitely aimed at young adults who are still maturing emotionally.

Reviewed by mmagick 9 / 10

Loved It, Andy's Best since Waitress

As a guest of I had the wonderful pleasure of seeing this movie on 8-25-2009. Here is Phoenix this film will open on Friday the 28th. As Grandpa Joe, Andy Griffith is just wonderful and plays the 84 year old in a role he was born to play. Mr. Griffith played a character known as Old Joe in Waitress a few years back and was very good in that role but even better here as a retirement home widower learning how to pick up women from his grandson, a "player" car salesman with all the right moves. This film is a comedy gem that keeps delivering the laughs from start to finish. Hard to believe Grandpa Joe is getting more action than his grandson. I highly recommend this for all ages. Lots of comedy, lots of laughs and just the right amount of love and romance with a cute twist at the end.

Reviewed by kelseypartyof5 7 / 10

Good, entertaining, cute movie

I was pleasantly surprised at how entertaining and "cute" this movie was. I had never heard of it, but love Andy Griffith. In regards to the other reviews, my only negative is that the movie could've toned down some of the sexual stuff. However, I know people who unfortunately express themselves that way in normal conversations. So, it's not too far off. As far as some comments about Andy's portrayal and dialogue, I'm guessing they've only seen him on TAGS and Matlock. Before TAGS he played a real selfish jerk (and wonderfully so) in A Face In The Crowd with Walter Matthau and Patricia Neal. Also, he was great as a vengeful, murderous grandfather in Gramps with John Ritter from the 1990's I believe. Anyway, he's great as usual, and the young actress is very believable as well. Enjoyable overall, and the ending was a surprise that was great...

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