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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by seens-877-72443 1 / 10

Horrible movie

This is an extremely irritating movie to watch. Nothing but anger, shouting and screaming the whole way through! Leaves you feeling very negative and angry with a bitter taste in your mouth! I love horrors but this movie left me feeling terrible after watching it. If you love people arguing and shouting at each other all the way through the movie then this is for you. Otherwise don't bother watching it as it will spoil your evening. Not entertaining at all! Now I need a good comedy to get my mood back to normal. Hated it from start to finish! So much anger in one movie is far too much to handle. No suspense at all. It makes the viewer also feel angry and not scary at all. Would not recommend this movie to anyone!

Reviewed by Ferry Segers 1 / 10

Loss of time

Advertising like this is suspense like in the X-files I was very disappointed. One of the worst movies I have ever seen. Not so often I think of a movie that bad but the acting of the crazy brother was making me yawn. The acting is done by 3 people (in the end one man for a short moment). All of them can be forgotten. Also this movie. The story is about a guy who is mentally sick and his family is coming to help him. But he stays crazy and talking about a complot and a Pod. This is locked up by him. He kills him selve because nobody believes him. They got killed and leaves a kind of open end which is nothing. I needed to write something about this movie since it is one of the worst I have ever seen.

Reviewed by Pratik Vora 1 / 10

stereotypical silliness

Like every other typical creature film the Pod fails in the first 20 minutes itself. Nothing about this movie is a plus. The character of the sister was highly irritating. She kept screaming needlessly. All the film does it move towards a failed suspense towards a creature. preferably an alien who is locked up in the basement. Warned by the lunatic brother talking gibberish all the time. The alien whose presence we witness for about 2 minutes is basically a deforming skeletal body.....so its not really an alien?. AND WE DO NOT SEE ANY SORT OF POD in the movie only a bunch of people screaming their lungs out. I truly wish I had avoided this.

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