Police Academy 5: Assignment: Miami Beach


Action / Comedy / Crime

Rotten Tomatoes Audience - Spilled 33%
IMDb Rating 4.4 10 27439


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Jerry O'Connell as Kid at Beach
Leslie Easterbrook as Callahan
Scott Weinger as Shark Attack Kid
G.W. Bailey as Harris
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by Bones Eijnar ([email protected]) 1 / 10

The academy failing even more than earlier!

I really don't get it with these movies; thought the makers that after so many bad movies that THIS, this fifth would really break threw with it's extremely original story and laughs - well, no.

The movies don't get a bit better, they just keep getting worse. The laughs are so childish, so boring and stupid that it's very difficult seeing the fun in this at times. The characters that were in the first one original and entertaining, hasn't grown one day older and it gets stuck. It doesn't leap forward, nothing really interesting or entertaining happens, so it's just so fabulously bad! The whole Police Academy thing isn't that an awful idea, but it's the way that they simply kept stretching the limits of the whole plot. The thing gets really silly, really childish and awfully bad, and what's with the thing that always the makers wants to have this new, bad thing popping up at the end?

Reviewed by s-woodier 1 / 10

Laughter Academy!

This film had me in stitches!!! Literally. In my outrage at how awful the film was, I left the cinema early, grumbling and grasping around in the darkened auditorium. I passed a famous golfer who was sitting in my aisle, however I slipped on one of his loose golf balls and tumbled to the floor. The whole cinema audience started laughing! They were pleased that they had gained at least one laugh from their miserable experience. Such a shame that a man breaking his back in real life is funnier than Police Academy 5. I was visited by the golfer some months later, he arrived at my hospital ward. He had brought me some grapes and a copy of Police Academy 7...

Reviewed by kdulai 1 / 10


It's a tiresome continuation of the same depressingly futile, execrable material that plagued the series from #3. A hopeless pantomime consisting of extended camp chases, the Captain being coated in various effluvia, oafs falling over and so forth. The PG certificate squeezes out the raunchy spirit which enlivened the original.

The Alzheimer-ish buffoon Commandant Lassard is propelled to the fore with no effect upon the quality, which would be laudable if there was any. Guttenberg's libidinous, puerile cretin character, Mahoney, is missing yet unmissed. The rest of the shamelessly worthless crew are back exhibiting timing which would embarrass a wristwatch from the Poundshop.

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