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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by sussmanbern 7 / 10

A remake, but not the same

If POLTERGEIST (2015) had not used the title and declared itself a remake of POLTERGEIST (1982), I doubt that the people connected with the 1982 original could have successfully sued the people of the 2015 movie for plagiarism. Yes, it's the same basic story - but with so many new twists and innovations that it is also a new movie.

It's a haunted house - but not a new house. There was a previous occupant (but this aspect is not further explored, unfortunately). There's a family moving in, named Bowen, not Freeling, with a little girl, named Madison, not Carolanne. The parents do not smoke marijuana. The haunting attracts the attention of a TV exorcist, not a magical munchkin. And this new narrative includes such modern contrivances as smart phones, cellphones, laptops, and flat screens. Just so you know.

The Bowen family, dad (Sam Rockwell), mom (Rosemarie DeWitt, of Rachel Getting Married, and United States of Tara), and teen daughter Kendra ( Saxon Sharbino, of Touch, and I Spit On Your Grave), nervous young son Griffin (Kyle Catlett, of whom we can expect much), and little girl Maddy (Kennedi Clements) move into a housing development not far from Molene, Illinois. The move was begun when dad was hired by John Deere tractors but somehow he was laid off before he even arrived, so they arrive unemployed. The house, however, is very nice, the previous occupant made sure it was wired up for cable and internet.

Near the house are high tension power lines and some anomalies hinting at static electricity are blamed on that. Then we are told that the housing development is on the site of a cemetery - and not so old that all the graves were long forgotten and neglected, no sir, families still visit the graves at their new location. Except, of course, ....

Before long, there's serious Trouble, and a professor of the supernatural (Jane Adams) is called in to help with a small crew of high-tech assistants, and soon enough a cranky TV cleanser of cursed houses (Carrigan Burke, of Mad Men) shows up to lend his expertise.

Now I would like to point out the obvious defect in both the 1982 original and this remake. Leaving the coffins in the ground and moving only the headstones is a scam so transparent that it's a wonder someone wasn't arrested the first day. Moreover these houses have basements - considerably deeper than a grave (and the 1982 movie included an outdoor swimming pool). And, finally, if building over a cemetery caused any sort of haunting, then Paris would be one big chamber of horrors.

This 2015 version has new twists, surprises, and special effects. This makes the original seem a tad pale (although I miss the musical theme of the 1982 version).

Reviewed by buckersmail 7 / 10

Good but don't trust the tin

Please let me begin by stating that I love the original movie; it is easily among my most favourite ever movies. For this reason, I decided to view this remake as it's own movie, trying not to compare it to the original. Being a fan of paranormal movies, and seeing the trailer for this movie, I had hoped that I was in store for a scarefest. By the time that the credits were rolling, I had realised that what I had seen was something quite different to what was advertised.

The trailer shows that this is a very scary movie whereas, however desensitised I may be to the majority of scary movies, I feel that it is a lot less scary than it could have been. Please do not get me wrong, a good portion of the movie was scary, tension-building or/and interesting but then far too much of the movie was comical. For me, the movie felt almost like a ramped-up Ghostbusters.

This doesn't mean to say that the movie was not entertaining, I was very entertained and I felt that the movie was good, just not necessarily what was advertised.

I thought Sam Rockwell was largely mis- cast as the father of the family and felt that his role needed a much more commanding performance. It would have been interesting to see somebody like Christian Bale in that role. Rosemarie DeWitt did well as the mother of the family. Kennedi Clements performance was excellent and beyond her years as Madison and Kyle Catlett possibly shone as the star of the cast with his showing in the part of Griffin. Saxon Sharbino was just annoying and unnecessary as the elder daughter.

I loved the effects that were used as nothing looked too unbelievable.

Overall, this is a solid movie with a good script but expect to chuckle more than jump.

Reviewed by Adam Amin 7 / 10

A good movie but not perfect

I watched the original Poltergeist movie for the first time in the early 90's. I was only around 10 years old but found it pretty damn scary. As I grew up and watched it several more times it became less so and, having just watched it again last year, looked dated.

So obviously I was happy that a remake had been announced but I was cautious because Hollywood has a knack for screwing it up. After eventually watching it earlier this year, I'm not sure what to think. People inevitably are going to compare it with the original. Others are going to try and forget about the original and watch it as a modern day movie which is what I did. I can honestly say that it did have its moments but I just couldn't help feeling as if it could've delivered more somehow. That's not to say that I'm disappointed or anything because it was a decent movie to watch. Would recommend watching it although people who liked the original may walk away a little disappointed. Definitely better than a lot of movies in this genre that get higher ratings for some strange reason when they're rubbish.

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