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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by Tim Petrone 9 / 10

A Terrifying Tale

I'd like to tell you all a story. Not a happy story, filled with fun and adventure...but a terrifying tale that began about 27 years ago, when I was just a child...one who found joy in simple things...like toys, clowns, and fun TV shows. That is...until one dark night...a night not unlike many other nights (or so I thought)...when everything changed.

I was supposed to be in bed, asleep...but as usual, I'd crept-out into the hallway to sneak a peek at what my parents were watching on TV...and as usual, I was a bit anxious about what I might see. It may be something a kid my age shouldn't see. At first, everything seemed fine. I didn't know what it was that they were watching...but there was a clown (not a REAL clown...but a toy clown, similar to the clowns in my own bedroom), and that couldn't possibly be a BAD thing. Right? WRONG. Almost immediately, things went from "fine" to "the stuff of nightmares". The clown wasn't funny...not funny AT ALL. It was terror like I'd never known! I hurried back to my room, only to find the terror had FOLLOWED ME! In a state of panic, I grabbed every last toy clown in my room and placed them all outside of my door, then took shelter under my bed-covers where I eventually drifted-off into nightmare-land. From that day forward, I've been creeped-out by clowns, and never again did I allow them into my room.

Fast-forward to present day. I now know that my fear of clowns is a result of witnessing one of the creepiest scenes from the original 'Poltergeist' film...and that's also the reason why I love that movie. Anything that can frighten a person so badly that it creates a lasting phobia, is a MASTERPIECE as far as this horror junkie is concerned.

After much anticipation for this remake...I must admit, I was a bit nervous prior to watching it. The trailers looked GREAT, and I feared the film would disappoint (as so many films with epic trailers DO). It DIDN'T. Yesterday, I feared clowns. TODAY, I fear clowns more than EVER...but also stuffed pig-unicorns; the dark; light bulbs; closets; TV's; electricity in general; power tools; mini-vans; mud; cemeteries; the ground; walls; doors; sub-divisions; trees; windows; furniture; and any kind of ball. THANK YOU, Sam Raimi, for that. Just PLEASE don't ever make me fear coffee, cheeseburgers, or anything involving chocolate.

Reviewed by Raymond 8 / 10

Entertaining, but not that scary

I'm a bit of a fan of the original Poltergeist. It's got that great 80's Spielberg factor I grew up with, but with a Tobe Hoopers horror touch. I wasn't really looking forward or planning on seeing this remake, but since it popped up on the new movies list on an on-demand movie site, I decided to give it a go.

Have to say I was pleasantly surprised. I hadn't read anything about it beforehand, so I didn't know if it was crap or gold. It's kind of a weird movie actually, it's not excessively scary, no gore and the tone is somewhat light. There are creepy moments and definitely some good mild scares, but the overall feel is entertaining rather than scary. Which in my opinion works for the benefit of this movie.

Acting, directing, cinematography, editing, fx .. all good. Can't remember how the music was actually, but I suppose it worked fine if it didn't stick out.

Recommended. Not for hardcore horror freaks, but as a Friday night entertainment it's pretty good. Simple, back to basics kind of movie, not filled with hundreds of underlying themes and endless plot twists.

Reviewed by shadowsden07 9 / 10

Honored the original, but stands well on it's own.

I really enjoyed this movie. As a lover of the original Poltergeist movies, I felt that they really honored the original. I could see it's influence in this. But unlike many remakes it wasn't a line by line. It was adapted well to fit 2015 culture and storytelling standards and regardless of a few bad lines, had crisp direction and very believable acting.

The effects were good, most of the time. Scary level was moderate. Not a whole lot of adult situations, so possibly safe for children over a certain age. And had some surprisingly funny bits thrown in. I enjoyed each of the actors and their characters... except for the older girl the first half of the movie... too spoiled.

Overall, very enjoyable. If you love the originals, and aren't biased when it comes to remakes, you might like this adaption.

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