Poltergeist Activity


Action / Horror

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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by Paul Magne Haakonsen 2 / 10

The only activity that takes place here is the increasing boredom...

Truth be told, then I made it no more than 30 minutes into the ordeal that is also known as "Poltergeist Activity". Indeed, the movie was just that unfathomably boring. I just simply gave up and threw the towel in the ring out of sheer and complete boredom.

I was initially lured in to watch this movie given that it was a ghost movie with some poltergeist activity - hence the name, duh! But wow, was this a swing and a miss. 30 minutes into the movie and still nothing had happened, aside from a dysfunctional family consisting of a father and daughter having moved into a new house and were just stumbling about with any direction or meaning.

I didn't even care one bit about any of the characters in the movie, because they were showing as much charisma as watered down cardboard cut-out characters would. And the dialogue in this movie didn't really help promote the entertainment value either.

As for the acting, well I didn't really see anything noteworthy, and I am sure that it was the result of having nothing worthwhile to work with in terms of script, direction and storyline. The actors and actresses here just simply had nothing to work with.

"Poltergeist Activity" came and went without leaving a dent or even the tiniest of scratches in anything. And I can honestly say that I have no intention of ever returning to watch the rest of the movie at any time in the future, because the movie just had nothing to offer.

I am rating "Poltergeist Activity" a mere two out of ten stars, solely because it did have some production value to it, at least. But when it comes to it, don't waste your time, money or effort on "Poltergeist Activity", because it quite simply just isn't worth it. It seemed that even whatever poltergeist was supposed to be appearing in this movie even was fleeing at full speed away from this stinker of a movie...

Reviewed by VeronicaW345 2 / 10

DO judge a book by it's cover

As a story, there were some good ideas.. but what made the movie fall flat was the dreadful sound, the lack of suspense and the casting.

So you have the Father: who looks good for his age but can still pull off the young father look, and to also note - I thought he acted the part quite well.

Then you have the daughter: who is supposedly still in school, yet looked the same age as the father! Which I found disturbing..

Some actors must think if they keep going for younger roles all the time, it may "extend" their career or something, but what made it worse, she couldn't even act her character's age either. If you don't look the part - at least try to act it!

In short, the DVD cover is pretty misleading in relation to the film inside.

Reviewed by Jen Devillier 2 / 10

This movie is not captivating in the least

I picked this one up at Walmart along with the Haunted Rectory. Both movies have the same actor in it. This one however, has no special effects whatsoever. They used people in cloaks with hoods like monks with white ceramic masks. Not scary at all. They even used music during attacks that sounded almost identical to the music used in "The Entity", a timeless horror classic. I was unimpressed and saddened I spent $10 on it. Better to download it for a buck or two to watch or rent it if you can. This is just my opinion though. You can watch it and come up with your own opinion but honestly this one and Haunted Rectory are both very dry and plain. Not sure how it really gives way to the actual true stories but I was unimpressed.

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