Poseidon Rex


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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by Paul Magne Haakonsen 2 / 10

What happens at the bottom of the sea, stays at the bottom of the sea...

You know that this movie is going to be one of those bad movies. And right you are, this is exactly that bad. But still, there is something morbidly fascinating about watching these horribly bad movies.

The storyline in "Poseidon Rex" is only outdone by the special effects (or what is supposed to pass as special effects) and the fact that this movie is one big cliché.

First of all, how would a prehistoric creature like this be able to sustain itself trapped in a crust of the of earth and trapped under the ocean for millions of years? It just doesn't make sense.

What also didn't make sense was the creature itself. It was just embarrassing to look at the CGI use in the movie. Most of the time it was quite bad, but every now and then, the creature effects were adequate to behold.

When they were diving, how could they be talking with those mouth pieces? It just didn't make sense.

The storyline had so many plot holes that it was hilarious to watch.

"Poseidon Rex" is a B-movie in every possible meaning of the word. Questionable effects, questionable story, questionable acting and questionable entertainment.

Reviewed by ropipgi-581-487166 2 / 10

Even worse than the usual sci fi junk.

I can enjoy even the worst of any "the Asylum" movies and they usually give me a chuckle or two. Thos one however have no quality whatsoever, you might possibly enjoy the nice weather and great waters of Belize, but story, acting or action is something you have to seek somewhere else. I can understand if the lead actor "phone it in" with a movie like this, but how do you manage to make everybody involved to not care at all ? If you are thinking of watching this, try and find some of the old monster movies that they made 60 years ago, equally crappy monster, but they had better story and better actors. You can watch both "It came from outer space" and "Invaders from mars" for free on Youtube... much better spent time.

Reviewed by TheLittleSongbird 2 / 10

Really should have been left down at the bottom of the sea

Poseidon Rex is one of those movies where you can tell that you shouldn't be expecting much from it. Even when that was taken into account, from a personal perspective it was still a load of rubbish that only has some nice scenery and underwater shots going for it. The creature, who is basically a half-dinosaur and half sea-monster, is another entry in the long line of terrible-looking SyFy creatures. There is a complete lack of fluidity in movement, texture or anything convincing in the design, and the it isn't menacing either with its "towering" presence most likely made possible by stilts. The scenes in which it appears in suffer from being hurriedly edited(in fact the whole movie looks rushed and murky-looking) and from having too much unintentional humour rather than genuine tension. The dialogue is at best trite and stilted, with the "snappy" banter marred by excessive cheesiness and wooden line delivery(the worst of them are absolute howlers). The story is very unexciting- with a fair amount of filler than could have been trimmed down or cut- and predictable stuff, anybody can smell the ending a mile off and any action comes across as heavy-handed and with overuse of fire-power. The characters are poorly developed and cardboard, they are just there and you don't know why, and some of them do some stupid things that make them even less easy to root for. The acting is very poor, with Brian Krause's lead performance lacking any kind of charisma(reading of a very last-minute replacement, Corin Nemec would have been a much better choice if it weren't for his terrible accident) while on the other side of the spectrum the obligatory stereotypical villain is played in a "hamming-it-up" style that's pretty embarrassing at times to watch. In conclusion, not the worst there is but it did come across personally as a rubbish movie- regardless of how low my expectations were- that should should be left uncovered. 2/10 Bethany Cox

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