Pound of Flesh


Action / Thriller

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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by kathorder 10 / 10

best jcvd movie since sudden death

i'm rod, i watched van damme movies religiously until legionnaire and street fighter which were terrible, up until then i liked them all. this was the first movie of his i had watched for a while and it was the best movie i have seen for a long time, the plot was realistic and could happen to anyone which i liked, and the plot twists were very smart and well written. fight sequences were excellent and i put this right up there with lionheart as my favourite and both of which i can watch over and over again and never get sick of them, know what i mean? i hope he does more movies set in asia like this one, with detailed story lines and varied interesting locations

Reviewed by kapelusznik18 6 / 10

Where is my kidney!

****SPOILERS*** An almost unrecognizable Jean-Claud Van Damme due to all the hits and kicks he took to his head and body over the years as one of Hollywood's top action adventure hero's is, you guessed it, action hero and former US black ops #1 government hit-man Deacon who's out of his right kidney that's been stolen from him, while he was out cold, to be given or implanted to an un-named multi billionaire who's blood and DNA are a match with his. In fact Deacon was to donate his precious kidney to his bible thumping brother George's, John Ralston,nine year old daughter Isabella, Adele Baughan, who's on life support suffering from acute kidney failure.

Deacon gets the help of retired, in the city of Manlia, Chines mobster Kung, Aki Aleong, and his #1 henchman Nardo, Brahim Achabbakhe, to find his missing Kidney that was surgery removed or taken from him. That's in order to give or implant it to its rightful owner Isabella before she ends up dying of kidney failure. For a man with only one kidney Deacon or Van Damme has no trouble in taking out the some two or three dozen or so bad guys working for the billionaire Mr. Rants, David P. Booth, who needs his kidney to keep him alive.

****SPOILERS**** It's when Deacon finds out just who the kidney is for and whom he has to kill to get it he suddenly gets cold feet. Not so with his bible thumping and turning the other cheek brother George who's now more then willing to murder a totally innocent man in order to get it and save his daughter who has just hours to live. It was at the very end that even George came to his senses and didn't to pull the trigger. As for Deacon like in the movie D.O.A he knew all along that he was dying but survived long enough until he took care of those that operated on him without his knowledge or consent. It's then that Deacon passed away when his remaining kidney that was doing the work of two and all the stress, in taking care of business, it went through finally gave out.

Reviewed by Destroyer Wod 5 / 10

I was expecting better mainly due to hype...

This movie was somewhat hyped as the "Van Damme is back in full action force" or something like that. I was expecting an action showcase, with spin kicks and fights all the way true. Instead the movie seem to focus a lot on story...

Don't get me wrong, the story is not bad, its not stellar either but this is more what would i expect from a Pierce Brosnan movie in 2015, not a Van Damme one.

The first fight of the movie despite being very short is actually one of the best, it shows kicking and what we are use to see from Van Damme. The rest seem to mainly focus on MMA type of ground and grappling attacks, which if done right can be fun on screen, but here i tough it didn't suit Van Damme at all. The fights just appear to be slow, clunky and lack luster in general. I know Van Damme is not too young anymore but i left me without much excitement unlike his other recent movies that i fairly enjoyed.

Sadly Darren Shalavi passed away lately and this will be one of his last film along his Kickboxer remake role(if he had time to finish everything, which i hope he did) and to be fairly honest i know he could do much better than in this movie. Maybe he had to tone down himself to match Van Damme, but i saw much better fights with the younger Scott Adkins for example.

Another thing that was very bad is the fake CGI blood, it really looked terrible. There is also one particular gunshot they totally forgot to add the damage to it. You will know which one when you see it.

Now despite being far from a great movie, it was enjoyable to a degree, i guess i was just expecting a lot better from a kick ass trailer. I had much more fun with 6 Bullets and Ennemies Closer for example. But i still think Van Damme has a lot of potential left, i hope he keep making movies. Lately its been hit or miss but the misses mostly had him in secondary roles, like Dragon Eyes or Universal Soldier 4, but this one has him really as main character. I will still rent the next one no matter.

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