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Reviewed by rosnor2000 6 / 10

Not bad

For what it was... not a badly done movie. It suffers not from style/story/effects, but rather the way it was filmed. It is filmed entirely from the point of view of a camera held by the characters in the movie. A big problem with these types of movies is that you end up having characters talking into the camera to replace the dialogue to further the story. This ALWAYS ends up feeling like they're breaking the fourth wall and it takes you out of the situation. This style really needs to be done minimally in my eyes.

I didn't really feel for any of the characters since they are all either horrible or irritating as people go. This diminishes the effectiveness of the ending a bit for me.

If you're looking for a low budget movie to watch its definitely better than a lot, but nothing all that unique here. I felt the murder scenes were all done quite well and looked pretty good. For the most part the acting was adequate also.

Reviewed by jackal12358 8 / 10

More than just another dumb found footage film

Funny to see that the one of the biggest gripes about this movie is that it's a found footage film. Yes there have been a slew of crap in the past few years that have tried to garner the success of the Blair Witch and Paranormal Activity series ilk, but it's unfair to lump this one in with the other hapless, pointless, and often boring as hell horror wannabes (have you seen The Devil Inside yet?) as this is a movie that actually tries to tackle a subject matter that is relevant to anyone who has ever struggled socially through high school. And it is not a feel-good story about how a kid gets bullied and he wins in the end. Oh no, you will be disappointed if you think you're in for a story that let's the underdog win. This is more like Hamlet, where your hero doesn't win, also known as a tragedy- no original Hollywood movie would ever let that happen so it should not surprise you that this is an independent film.

What makes this interesting and complex is that there are no good guys and that it does not depict bullying in the conventional sense. Yes there are stupid plans hatched by stupid kids and the portrayal of The Bully is nothing new- he's a smirking, white, jock type with very limited vocabulary and has an even dumber sidekick (Oh yes, there is a bitch cheerleader thrown in there too, with perhaps the best line in the film- something about being a blond cheerleader- watch for it). What makes this complex is the interaction of the two main kids as they themselves become no better than the jerks, and it is interesting to see each of their transformation as the situation spins out of control. It starts off a bit hokey after the opening scene but it moves quickly and is pretty entertaining so stick with it.

The real world doesn't seem to exist for these characters, which is accurate in how many teens can barely see beyond their self-centered existence and limited social circles. How else can they not see how ridiculous their "brilliant plan" and some of their actions are? But that is the point, isn't it? And they're annoying as hell too, which makes you kind of wish this was a slasher where Freddy Krueger eventually gets to all of them in some ways; however, if you pay attention, you'll see that this did try to be a movie with a message and that a smart theme exists.

I hope that kids who watch this get the bonus message that there is more to life than high- school. You just got to get through it first. Just try not to kill anyone or get killed in the process.

Don't let the DVD cover fool you- this movie is NOT about a killer clown with an iPhone.

Reviewed by oskarmat 1 / 10

the worst thing ever

I am seriously starting to think that there are agencies been paid to write positive reviews on movies. I refuse to accept any of the 8 or 10 stars above are real. This is an utterly disgusting ... don't even sure if we call it a movie. Yes it is disturbing, but in the sense that you feel the urge to stand up and leave the place when you watch it. Ridiculous The most horrible movie is the attempt to be "smart" in a way that only results in a caricature- like description of bullied teens, as strong as to make you feel compelled to really bully these guys. And the acting , unmentionable to say the least. I cannot find anything to save in this thing, nothing at all

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