Pray for Death


Action / Crime / Drama / Thriller

Rotten Tomatoes Audience - Spilled 52%
IMDb Rating 5.8 10 1298


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Michael Constantine as Mr. Newman
Shô Kosugi as Akira Saito
Robert Ito as Kaga
Parley Baer as Sam Green
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by Frank Markland 6 / 10

Prayer before dying...

Sho Kosugi stars as closet ninja who becomes Ninja once again when mobsters (Searching for a priceless necklace) kill his wife and try to kill his kids, Kosugi warns the mobsters, tries cooperating and even giving clues to get the mobsters off his back but of course it just never ceases to be and because this is a ninja movie, Kosugi tries to dispatch the mobsters one by one. Pray For Death is of course a ninja movie that was better than average for the genre, reading various comments which vary in opinion, I tend to lean with the crowd who likes the movie since I myself was never bored with the movie. It certainly had a few slow moments and an action sequence which wasn't very impressive at all (Kosugi sneaking in a boat party) but there are some good action sequences (Especially the climax) and the movie moves quick enough to not concern the audience about how unlikely it all is. Still its a ninja movie and rarely do they even approach respectability. Pray For Death at least works as a guilty pleasure.

* *1/2 out of 4-(Pretty good)

Reviewed by carey6567 8 / 10

Great Revenge Film

I first watched this film when i was only 5 years old with my Dad and really enjoyed it. I have just obtained a copy of this film 21 years later and think its great. I would strongly recommend it to any action fan. The main Villain in the film is Actor James Booth playing the tough evil Mafia Enforcer 'Limehouse Willie'. He really plays his Sadistic character with a lot of Conviction. He was just so Ruthless and Cruel and was quite believable as a Mafia Nut that enjoyed inflicting pain and death on other people. Not all of the action scenes are great but there is a few well staged sequences that really are enjoyable to watch, especially the raid on Mr Newman's Mansion and the Saw Mill Confrontation with "Limehouse Willie". The film is dated being made back in 1985 but to me this is no big deal and i try not to have massive expectations with films made 20-40 years ago. Its entertaining enough as a revenge story with all the usual ingredients and a standout performance by James Booth. Its a tough , Violent, serious film that isn't scared of getting its hands dirty and i like these kind of films. The Wife of Sho Kosugi in the film was an OK sexy Asian Babe and this was worth a mention too. I'm all for a DVD Release !

Reviewed by boris-1 10 / 10

Magnificent Ninja Stuff

I think it´s the best one out there. Horror Veteran Director Hessler and Kusogi team up for a dead-pan serious story of Kusogi, moving from Japan to the US to live the American Dream. Starting small-time with a shop, they are being blackmailed, later his wife is being raped and murdered. The story is tight, the action fast and the filming is very stylish. I would consider it a hidden gem and anyone being able to watch it should do so. Not for the squeamish, though. Lot´s of 80ies violence and some nasty sex. Obviously Hessler is the one man to bring out the best in Kusogi as seen in their other cooperations (Rage of Honor (which is inferior and has a Miami Vice Setting) and Voyage of Honor.

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