Private Resort


Action / Comedy

Rotten Tomatoes Critics - Rotten 20%
Rotten Tomatoes Audience - Spilled 40%
IMDb Rating 5.2 10 6482


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Johnny Depp as Jack
Leslie Easterbrook as Bobbie Sue
Hector Elizondo as The Maestro
Rob Morrow as Ben
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by Quicksand 7 / 10

A Piece of History?

Take a typical 80's B-comedy, and give the two male leads to two actors who would go on to awards and world fame.

Believe me or not, Depp and Morrow take two stock characters and make the material seem that much better; suddenly Jack and Ben hold the film together, rather than just reacting to everything within a narrow character description. Okay, so it's not art, but it's interesting from a film education perspective, if nothing else.

The script and direction aren't bad either, for a 1980's sex romp. Would have liked to see the director go on to better material. Ah, well.

7/10, for effort and sheer amusement value.

Reviewed by thirdi 10 / 10

This movie cracked me up

Everyone has those cheesy 80's favorites that weren't as well known as the Porky's, Real Genius, Revenge of The Nerds, etc...Everyone remembers those B-level films you would see late at night on Cinemax and for some reason, you sat there and watched it, and ended up loving some of them. I'm thinking of movies like Fraternity Vacation, Hot Dog, Malibu Express, etc.

Private Resort is one of those movies for me. I'm really surprised it is not more popular, and a 3.7 IMDb rating just seems insanely low to me.

You've got Johnny Depp and Rob Morrow, very early in their careers, running around and getting into all this wacky hi jinx at a fancy Florida resort. Although they came just to have some fun and chase some girls, they find themselves getting into a bunch of different hilarious situations. Hector Elizondo is also really funny in this movie, as the bad guy with the bad toupee. And who can forget Andrew Dice Clay in a memorable role?

Definitely not an Oscar-caliber epic, but just one of those hilarious 80's sex romps. These types of movies disappeared for about 10 years but I'm glad to see the cycle is coming back around with movies like American Pie, Old School, Eurotrip, etc. Lots of laughs, gorgeous babes, and fun in the sun. This is a pretty under-appreciated 80's comedy classic in my opinion.

Reviewed by AskewNerd ([email protected]) 9 / 10

Surprisingly very funny

The 80's saw multiple films just like this one in the 80's. The first one that comes to mind is One Crazy Summer with John Cusack. But, who would have ever dreamed that a man from one of these kind of films would be nominated for an Oscar. About as surprising as one of the original Ghostbustes conquering that same foot. Johnny Depp is amazingly fun in this film. His charisma and stupidity makes this film shine. Rob Morrow is good as well but, he is just simply the lead dopey character. Depp is excellent as the crazy sidekick (one of my personal favorite types of performances in any film).

For it's time, this was the perfect example of what so many other films were trying for. To sum it up, the film is on the same level as Porky's. And I mean that as a compliment.

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