Psycho IV: The Beginning


Action / Horror / Mystery / Thriller

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Henry Thomas as Young Norman Bates
Olivia Hussey as Norma Bates
John Landis as Mike Calveccio
CCH Pounder as Fran Ambrose
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by TelevisionJunkie 10 / 10

Highly under-rated -- a fitting end to the series

For those who like to nitpick, there are tons of continuity problems in this film from what was established in the other films. As a fan of the series, I noticed many of them myself during the first viewing. But if you look past all that, this truly is a fantastic film. More of a sequel to the original than to "Psycho III" (although they sort-of mention the last one), we get the backstory on Norma Bates -- the overbearing mother that drove her son insane. Told through flashback sequences while Norman is reminiscing to a radio-show host, this film delved into the mind of the man who's remembered as a monster and made him more of a sympathetic character -- though I think everyone who likes the series already took sympathy on the poor man. And we finally get to see what makes a madman mad....

Perkins, as always, was in top form playing the character that killed his career. Olivia Hussey was brilliant in the role of Norma. Hussey's performance was riveting -- kind and loving one moment, cruel and loathing the next -- a schizophrenic delight to watch. Henry Thomas did a wonderful job playing the young Norman, showing what the character was like before he went totally over the edge. And CCH Pounder as the radio-host with a heart gives a fantastic performance as the woman who knew what was going on but was helpless to do anything about it....

Now on to the gripes that people keep bringing up.... Yes, there are inconsistancies with events as they were described in the other films. But he's on a radio show -- does anyone who knows they're on the radio really tell the whole truth? Olivia Hussey has gotten flack for her accent -- though they never really say anywhere that she's American. Granted, the woman who played her sister in II & III didn't have an accent, but she's not really mentioned here.... And Henry Thomas has gotten reamed for not acting enough like Perkins did in the original -- but the first film took place after the events that occurred in this one. People do change and by the time the first film took place, he was totally off the deep end. If you forget about II & III and don't mind the incest themes, this is a wonderful sequel.

Finally, why isn't this one on DVD yet? The other three films have been on DVD for a while, including the cropped-screen release of III. I'd like to replace my crummy Goodtimes Video VHS....

Reviewed by aesgaard41 10 / 10

Good-bye To The Bates Motel

In this the last movie of the Psycho series, Norman has flashbacks to his youth and the circumstances that made him the man he became. There is a sort of bittersweet nostalgia to the memories and the circumstances as well as some loopholes in the continuity. A bathroom appears in mother's room where one never was and the fight scene takes away from the fact that Mrs. Bates and her lover were believed to have poisoned themselves in bed. I guess Norman could have dragged them back up there, but then you'd think that the police at the time would have found evidence of tampering with the murder scene. Well, this is a small town; they wouldn't have expected such a grandiose plot from such a then expected "nice young man." Olivia Hussey does a good job portraying the shrewish and demented Norma Bates and Henry Thomas of E.T. fame forgets that role to emote Perkins as Bates from the first movie. Putting an end to the Bates legacy sends Norman tripping through memories of his infamous past as the ghosts of his victims come to haunt him, but the ghost of Marion Crane herself is conspicuously absent as it was her who started the series by stealing his boss's money. Otherwise, this is a great end to one of Hollywood's most memorable move series.

Reviewed by insomniac_rod 7 / 10

A decent manner to end the Psycho series.

I first watched "Psycho IV" when I rented it on the early 90's. I was a big fan of Psycho II and I respected Psycho. Psycho III was a big disappointment so I thought that part IV would be at least, a decent slasher.

This pre-quel is not as bad as you may think. It explores Norman's origins and tries to reach a conclusion about his personality. To me, it worked. Norman is not the villain anymore and the director makes sure about that because he displays a victimized, sick Norman.

The ending is a perfect way to end the Psycho series which were far from being bad. Part II is excellent, unlike Part III which is a boring slasher flick. Part IV deserves the watch for it's ending and because it's Anthony Perkins' last hurrah as Norman Bates.

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