Puppet Master III: Toulon's Revenge


Action / Fantasy / Horror / Sci-Fi / Thriller / War


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Sarah Douglas as Elsa Toulon
Ian Abercrombie as Dr. Hess
Aron Eisenberg as Peter Hertz
Richard Lynch as Major Kraus
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by ctomvelu1 7 / 10

The plot is a bit much for a PUPPET MASTER movie...

The most imaginative and best-acted title in the long-running PUPPETMASTER series, Part 3 is actually a prequel that details how Andrte Toulon came to create his puppets during the dark days of World War II. The Nazis wants to use Toulon's secrets to create an army of the undead, and that's when the fun begins. Toulon sics his killer puppets on the Nazis, to spectacularly bloody effect. The puppets are the good guys in this one. What also makes a huge difference here is the introduction of Guy "Mr. Sardonicus" Rolfe as Toulon, a role he would essay in two more sequels. Rolfe is a great Toulon, a charismatic and even sympathetic character who loves his deadly puppets as only a papa creator could. Rolfe lent an air of integrity and distinction to the series. Part 3 is a great little B-horror addition to the series that was shot on the Universal back lot instead of Europe to surprisingly solid effect. A must-see.

Reviewed by Gislef 7 / 10

The best in the series

Full Moon's attempt at a World War II flick on a low budget is ambitious. Yeah, the acting is a little wooden (what do you expect from puppets? heh), but Lynch, Wolfe, Abercrombie, and Gottell all do okay. Setting up Lynch's character as a puppet is a cute touch since Blade does look like him. This gives some background to the puppets, and sets them up as the potential good guys for subsequent sequels and to take advantage of their popularity. Overall, entertaining.

Reviewed by McGeckoWilson 4 / 10

The best Puppet Master in the series

This is the very best movie in the whole series...and it's still a total pile. I love these movies for the puppets themselves (Blade, Six-Shooter, Torch, etc) and this movie in particular gives you the lovable team of misfits killing Nazis during WWII. Andre' Toulon's wife is murdered by a SS officer for some reason, so he uses his creations to get revenge...hence the title. This movie still sucks but is very fun. Again, cool puppets kill Nazis. As a bonus, this third entry in the series introduces the first appearance of the gunslinging puppet Six-Shooter, which doesn't make sense because this takes place during WWII and the previous, Six-Shooterless two movies take place in "present time." But whatever. What makes this movie stand out above the rest is that the cast, most of all Toulon himself and the main villain, seem to be actually trying to make their characters cool. The lead Nazi is an interesting enough villain for a cheap horror movie and he has a small bit of charisma to keep him going. Toulon himself...at least has an interesting look and voice. The story seems to have a much better construction than any of the other titles. (By the way, do NOT watch "Retro Puppet Master." You will hate yourself for it.) So, this is my favorite. Enjoy.

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