Puppet Master X: Axis Rising


Action / Fantasy / Horror / Sci-Fi / War


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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by mr_waterfall 7 / 10

I am not like most with this movie i actually liked it.

The whole idea of Puppet Masters are way up there on my list, most movies today are lame or boring or nothing cool about it, besides very few movies draws attention to me. I always liked puppet or doll movies due to their the most creepiest. For me personally, i think this movie is really good, i liked the main character, and his girl. I really liked the Sarg, he was big and funny in my book, and sadly he had to die. Usually that happens in horror, the odd but cool guys die, and same old, same old that live. But the main character which i forget names as i type so i think its Danny, i am sure of it lives so that i am happy for.

And Blade is the usual, awesome and cool looking puppet. I love watching him, he brings humor and etc to the table to me. The rest did a fairly great job and it isn't the worst, movie and its my FIRST IMDb i ever reviewed, mostly i tired of the low ratings on this, i just bought it off walmart and i recently saw it, yea there is times where looks cheap or so like when Bombshell was shooting her teets guns and the two people in the background didn't run away as 1 would, i mean really? Some of the puppet fighting was a little lame but funny. For me personally i cant wait if it comes out with a new one. But its my taste, not everyone i guess. The worst one was with that mentally ill character barely showed puppets all about the love triangle this was more of a two part series, so i like it, and i rather have the puppets be good than bad, or else be routing for the EVIL versions of the puppet masters than doing good against evil with them. Just my opinion.

Reviewed by awab_avril 1 / 10

Absolute Crap!

I was wondering while watching, did the actors in this movie laugh at themselves while acting. I have no idea how the idea of this movie developed because a sane person would never think that this can be a good movie. It is better to burn money than producing this crap. I'll tell you what, I am almost certain that I can act way better than anybody in this movie. The accent are simply sh*t. Oh my goodness! Any person with a brain would recognize that the accents were off and wrong. As for the characters, an old scientist who has a family that is being taken hostage that loves his young enemy whorish prono looking woman. The two ridiculous kids, and some military men who are very irrational. Nevermind the dolls! Yes the dolls are heroes here. I want to say no more than avoid this movie unless you have absolutely no other option.

Reviewed by skybrick736 1 / 10

Puppet Master Axis Rising

All I can say is that I was blown away by how bad Axis Rising is and I am realistic knowing what Full Moon filmmaking is all about. Not even the puppets or the new evil puppets could save this film from its terrible awful premise. The acting especially the new Danny and Beth were just plain unwatchable. The story of the new Nazi's and their doctor was outlandish and complete rubbish. For the hot German not even to take her clothes off was an opportunity missed by the writers and director. The acting was atrocious from start, middle and end and even the dialogue is cheesier than normal. I had a couple laughs and enjoyed some puppet action from of course Blade and Six Shooter otherwise nothing in this film was at all enjoyable or interesting. Avoid watching unless you are a fan or the series it should be viewed for free online.

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