Pure Country


Action / Drama / Music / Romance / Western

Rotten Tomatoes Critics - Rotten 20%
Rotten Tomatoes Audience - Upright 91%
IMDb Rating 6.9 10 3076


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Kyle Chandler as Buddy Jackson
Lesley Ann Warren as Lula Rogers
Rory Calhoun as Ernest Tucker
John Doe as Earl Blackstock
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by bkoganbing 6 / 10


In the old days of the studio system a man like George Strait would have been given a Hollywood contract and put into westerns. That's how it worked for a number of people on the country circuit, most prominently Gene Autry and Roy Rogers. But westerns aren't being done, certainly none for singing cowboys. In a few years George Strait would have handled dialog like a veteran.

Strait's a likable enough guy, but as an actor he's a great country singer. Still he passes muster in a role that's not too taxing, playing a country singer who takes an unscheduled hiatus from his tour and finds true love with a young woman who is the daughter of struggling rancher Rory Calhoun.

Strait's not happy with the way his career is going. It's all about the glitz and glamor of the concert, no one's listening to him sing any more. So he ditches the long hair in a ponytail and beard and just leaves. Manager Lesley Ann Warren seeing all kinds of tour dates canceled with the loss in money, shoves one of the roadies and would be country singer himself and her special boy toy Kyle Chandler in front of the microphone to complete the tour. In the darkened smoke filled concerts with a tape going of the real Strait no one can tell the difference.

In the meantime Strait's falling for Isabel Glasser and gets involved with her family ranch and their real struggles in real life. I think you get some idea where this is going.

This film was the farewell big screen performance of Rory Calhoun and I have to say, I had to look twice even though I saw his name in the credits when I realized he was playing Isabel Glasser's father. He looked terrible, like he had gone through some bad health issues.

For country fans you'll have a full soundtrack of George Strait's hits and he's a great singer. It's the main asset of Pure Country.

Reviewed by wbcamera 8 / 10

If You Like George Strait...

This is quite simply a movie that will be enjoyed by country music fans. Pure Country is a throw-back type of a picture. Simply put, there's nothing to take away from this film. It either makes you feel good, or you don't like country music. If you DO like country, then sit back and enjoy, as this film is NOT meant to be taken seriously.

George Strait stars in this film about a musician who is at a crossroads. As his career has become bigger, the less control he has over himself. In a moment of clarity, he decides to "take a walk" to find himself, leading to a better understanding of himself, as well as his finding and falling for a girl.

This film holds no surprises and it doesn't try to. It simply tries to entertain, and that it does, at least for a George Strait fan.

True, the acting leaves MUCH to be desired. But honestly, if you are watching this film, the LAST thing that you are thinking about is Oscar winning performances.

This film is a throwback to the days of yesteryear and the singing cowboy. No one took those films seriously, and neither should anyone take this one seriously either. Just sit back and enjoy.

Reviewed by gamecocks 9 / 10

Pure Country is Pure entertainment

This movies ending is clearly one of the best of any current movie whether drama or musical. Yes I am a man, one who likes action movies and thrillers, but if you don't get goose bumps during the last scene of this one your just not human. Strait turns in an impressive performance and Isabel Glasser is fantastic// Has she done anything as good since? I truly believe, even if you don't like country music you'll enjoy this one cause it's truly a feel-good love story. It was also good to see old Rory Calhoun, a lot older and a lot thinner turn in a good performance. I also own the soundtrack, and these songs are first rate if you are a Strait fan. Some of these classics still get play time on the radio.

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