Pure Country 2: The Gift


Action / Drama / Music / Musical / Romance

Rotten Tomatoes Audience - Spilled 55%
IMDb Rating 5 10 602


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Travis Fimmel as Dale Jordan
Dean Cain as Music Video Director
Michael McKean as Peter
William Katt as Winter
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by kjarvis222 1 / 10

"Pure Country 2"???????

Short and sweet review. This is no sequel. It's a steaming pile of crap.

If you loved "Pure Country", you'll HATE this stinker.

The addition of angels is hokey. The plot line is trite and predictable. George Strait is only in it for the WORLD'S HOKIEST "fight" scene and a could of distance shots.

This is a really horrible. SUCH a disappointment.

Dean Cain was one of the writers of this movie.... he should stick to acting. Or.. maybe if he REALLY wants to write, he should try NOT sullying the memory of a fun movie like "pure country".

Reviewed by groenewaldv1 2 / 10

Young girl who has a voice 'gifted' to her

I have no issue with the general singing and the story line but I do have objections to people not doing research about what is supposed to form a major part of the movie - Autism. The male character in the movie 'was autistic' hello? Am I the only one that knows that Autism is life long and there's no such thing as someone who WAS Autistic. You either are or you aren't. I can't help but wishing that they'd done a little more research into something like this. Also, most of the children on the ranch for children with 'Autism' were kids with Down Syndrome which is very far from being Autism. Okay, rant over. Enjoy the movie if you can excuse some of the blatant errors that they make in the movie.

Reviewed by redwhiteandblue1776 7 / 10

Reviewers should be less critical, more realistic.

Wow, I can't believe so many "reviewers" would speak so harshly of this movie. Perhaps it makes them feel good to sit at home with a computer and write a review of how bad a movie is, but how many of these people could go out and do any better. Not every film is design to win an academy award. Some are supposed to simply entertain. Sure it was predictable and corny, but it was a family friendly, fun movie with a good message. No cussing, sex, killing or violence. Wow, what a concept. I watched it with my four young grandkids and we all enjoyed it. I didn't know anything about Katrina Elam before this movie. What a beautiful young lady with a great voice. And for having no previous acting experience, she did great. How many reviewers who panned her performance can sing like she does or will ever be in, let along be invited to star in any movie? It would be nice if reviewers would be a little more realistic in their expectations and look a films for what they are; entertainment.

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