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Michael Gross as Duckmus
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Enn Reitel as Peng Li
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by janie-30 1 / 10

Everything About This Movie Is Awful

There are very few movies I would walk out on after paying to see them, but this film was PAINFULLY stupid. It was so horrible I didn't even ask for my money back, as I didn't trust myself to not berate the poor theater employee when it wasn't his fault he sold me a ticket to a movie that simply should not have been made. Nonetheless, t couldn't endure more than 20 minutes of it before having to leave or risk a splitting headache. It's not just a matter of individual comedy style preferences - although I'm not a fan of "dumb and dumber" type comedy, this movie isn't stupid in that way (I would have watched it through to the end if it had been). It's just simply stupid in every way: Plot (nonexistent), dialogue, music, characters, gaudy poorly done violence in places where violence doesn't even make any sense, much less contribute to the story. I don't know how to say it better than simply: "Everything about this movie is awful."

Reviewed by xkren 4 / 10

Awful, awful movie with the combination of the worst humor types.

I feel like even giving it 4 is too much, this cartoon left me with nothing but a headache and reassurance that Chinese and Russian cartoons are the worst thing, with a few exceptions, of course. But most of the time any computer made cartoons by China in the recent years was bland and plain unfunny cliché moments that just make you cringe.

I am Russian, and this movie was advertised a lot, and it was executed so badly that i'd wish i could turn time back to never see this.

Such a disappointment! And this was allowed for kids, too? The jokes about pixels and sizes (especially in the Russian version) is no way near child friendly.

Avoid like plague, unless you like very bland Chinese/Russian humor.

Reviewed by rannynm 8 / 10

Family friendly and goofy characters. Great animation

Do you like crazy ducks, silly henchmen and a love story? Then the Quackers movie is just ducky for you. The comical, adventures and fun movie is perfect for the whole family. The story is about Mallard military ducks vs. Mandarin ducks. I like the way it all plays out with all the different story lines, characters and all the jokes.

The characters in this film are very detailed. They all have different, wonderful voices, which I enjoyed dearly. Robbie Daymond who plays Longway is spectacular. He fits the teenage duck and you can hear the frustration he feels as his desire is to spread his wings and see the world. Andrea Becker who plays Erica is magnificent. She connects with Longway and the two ducks are destined to be together. Enn Reitel who voices Peng Li is hysterical. It is sweet of him to be so protective of his son.

Mallard Commander is tough, but he has a soft side and loves his daughter dearly. You can tell that he wants the best for Erica. The story is really about how far fathers will go to protect their children. The voice-over actors are simply amazing and they all have peculiarities that fit their characters and make them sound unique.

The animation in this film is amazing. I love that it is so detailed. I like the way they show the town where people live as well as the mountains the ducks call home. All of the cooking scenes with the henchmen have astonishing details.

I loved the scene when Longway and Erica are flying and having such a good time. I am also a huge fan of romance. The ducks chewing gum and blowing pink bubbles in the air makes your heart go pitter patter and puts a smile on your face. You can just tell that these two are definitely love birds. The animation in this scene is very detailed. I am a tad bit jealous that she got a gorgeous blue firefly bouquet. It is so amazing.

I have a lot in common with Erica and can relate to her. She has girl power which makes her unique and fun. Erica is goodhearted, curious, adorable, smart and a tough cookie when needed. Those are just some of the qualities that I like about this awesome ducky.

This movie reminds me of Kung Fu Panda which also takes place in China, has talking animals and features the martial art of Kung Fu. Then, there is Romeo and Juliet's feathered fathers who keep the star- crossed duckies apart. It also reminded me of Rio because the Mandarin ducks cannot fly. This combination of movies put into one, has a slice of cake for everyone and I love that.

I recommend for ages 10 to 18. It is certainly family friendly. So, get a box of crackers and have a family adventure of your own. Be forewarned that there is some violence and the evil Ms. Knout could use a tad more feathers. I give this movie 4.5 out of 5 quacking flapping stars!

Reviewed by Morgan B., KIDS FIRST! Film Critic.

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