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Carice van Houten as Leni Riefenstahl
Jason Sudeikis as Larry Snyder
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William Hurt as Jeremiah Mahoney
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by Tony Heck ([email protected]) 9 / 10

A sports movie that once again shows the triumph of the human spirit and how everyone is equal when the gun goes off.

"A man has to present an image to the world." Jesse Owens (James) is a college track star. His coach Larry Snyder (Sudeikis) pushes him to be the best he can be. Jesse pushes himself on and off the track to be the best person and athlete he can be. Everything is going as he wants, he becomes a record breaking collegiate champion with his Olympic dream in his sights. The only thing stopping him is his conscience. With Olympic gold in his grasp Jesse must decide if he is willing to compete in Germany, as an African-American, with Hitler watching. This movie is in my wheelhouse. Not only is this a sports movie but its a true story as well. I knew the basics of the Owens story, but this movie goes deeper into the pressure put on him from both sides of the Nazi debate. Even knowing how the movie will turn out the drama was gripping enough to keep me interested and wondering how he got to where he was at. Sudeikis actually does a really good job in a non comedic role and is almost the perfect choice for the coach. This is a movie I cannot say enough about. I highly recommend this, and the use of the n-word is limited so this is OK for family viewing as well. Overall, a sports movie that once again shows the triumph of the human spirit and how everyone is equal when the gun goes off. I give this an A-.

Reviewed by Alex John 1 / 10

Race bait

The correct name of the movie is "Race bait". A movie that should be about an athlete and his great achievements is made into muh discrimination and muh Nazis. Obviously the Hollywood propaganda machine has run out of ideas on "How can we twist historical events to make our left ideology printed on people's minds?" this leads to many bs scenes with no historical context (example: laws against minorities in Germany weren't implemented until after the Olympics and people talking about it for most of the movie about something that doesn't exist yet). What exactly wasn't it OK at the time? they even had Jews and homosexuals in the SA and SS, but let's make it a propaganda movie about politics instead of making it about what Jesse really was about: constant work to improve, perseverance, winning and becoming the best. The guy was better treated in Nazi Germany than in the US and is probably rolling in his grave at this bs movie.

Reviewed by pcqgod 7 / 10

May take liberties with actual events

'Race' is an overall entertaining movie hampered by some fairly predictable flaws. It features pretty standard sports movie clichés, e.g., hard-ass coach with heart of gold, rival who becomes best friend, etc. The personal (melo)drama seems pretty mundane, and, as to be expected in historical dramas, certain liberties are taken with the facts for dramatic purposes. But there is interesting dramatic tension in the scenes in which the US Olympics commission debates boycotting the '36 games, and in Owens' personal struggle over whether to compete in the face of certain factions of the black community entreating him not to. The actual scenes of competition are presented in an exciting fashion. My favorite scene captures Owens' P.O.V. as he enters Berlin Stadium at the height of pre-War Nazi pageantry, Hindenburg flying overhead, Hitler waving in the stands to a thunderous chorus of "Sieg Heils." It must have been overwhelming. Carice van Houten plays Leni Refienstahl as a sympathetic character, defying Goebbel's orders to tell the true story of the 1936 Olympics, and Stephan James as Owens provides an enjoyable leading performance.

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