Rambo: First Blood Part II


Action / Adventure / Thriller / War

Rotten Tomatoes Critics - Rotten 30%
Rotten Tomatoes Audience - Spilled 60%
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Richard Crenna as Col. Samuel Trautman
Steven Berkoff as Lt. Col. Podovsky
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by mm-39 8 / 10

Rambo is an Icon

Sylvester Stallone has one of the most recognizable faces in the world for a reason; this genius has created two pop culture Icons Rocky and Rambo. Anywhere, in the world these two characters will be reconized. Stallone has many detractors, but his vision, writing, and acting out these characters has made him rich and sucessful in a highly competitive industry. Before Rambo, his sequel to First Blood, Stallone was just a star like Gene Hackmen, but this movie created a mega star. As part of gen x I love this film, it is a prototype for many action films that followed. The story brings out raw emotions, tension, and adrenaline. The viewer relates with John Rambo his pain, and how the government lies. The action takes the viewer on a incredible ride. I love the battlecry he gives out when he does a chopper assault on the bad guys, and the explosive arrow that smashes his adversary, along with the machine gunning of the computer system at the base. The camera angles, expressions, and physical acting is perfectly done. You leave the picture feeling good, and that is what movie escapism should be. Stallone, who is ridiculed, along with Arnold for his physical acting, can with this ability create a great stage presence. This emotion he creates with his body is done by, how he walks, flexs his arm etc. Could Robert De Niro done this film, maybe(ie Cape Fear) Tom Cruise no way, Val Kilmer No. This film is what an action film should be, I've seen very few lines for an Action movie as long as this one. PS the speech at the end gave the spirit of what the film was about.

Reviewed by Melissa Moore ([email protected]) 8 / 10

Surprisingly good movie

A lot of negative reviews I see, but what about the heart of the movie? Doesn't it make you remember the main point--Vietnam and the POW's still there? How they were treated when they came home?

So there are flaws in the movie, we know when Rambo fires the missle in the helicopter, the guys in back would have been toast, but that didn't matter. It's good against evil; and if you know anything about that time frame, you can see so much "truth" in characters like Murdock and what goes on in reality.

The action is excellent, non-stop, with heart, and instead of critical and harsh comments on acting, look at the Broad Picture here, or like Murdock...did you forget too?

A hell of an action film, well done stunt work (mostly done by Stallone) Well worth watching for many reasons.

Reviewed by Gulag-2 10 / 10

An important piece of the movie history

This movie is a sort of legend.It's the greatest action flick of all the times,and the only movie can be compared to it it's "Rambo 3",another masterpiece. "Rambo:First Blood Part.2" is intelligent,beautiful,frightening and...so "Eighties" that you could consider it a piece of history.One of the best performance of Sylvester Stallone.Julie Nicholson (Co Bau) is great and she's a fine actress.Richard Crenna is a myth.The screenplay's a masterstroke,and i don't care the track of "reaganism" in it. Rambo is a rebel,a lone soldier,not a simple puppet in the hands of America.Not a simple human instrument.America offended and pushed him in the first movie.Rambo is an anti-hero,he really don't care 'bout America.He cares 'bout american soldiers STILL trapped in that hell.Point.Have you understand ? Best sequence: All the movie.My favourite :The Co Bau's death...so poetic.Sly seems a dancer when he fights,but he's one of the greatest actor too.He's not only a bunch of muscles !!!!!!! If you love good movies,you'll love "Rambo:First blood part 2".The mother of all the action flicks !!!!!!!!!!! Without it,forget "Die hard" and "Lethal weapon".Forget the word "Action" .

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