Rambo III


Action / Adventure / Thriller / War

Rotten Tomatoes Critics - Rotten 36%
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Kurtwood Smith as Griggs
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by thechidz 10 / 10

Not terrible, but...

After 'First Blood', I assumed Stallone would have won an Oscar for his portrayal of troubled Vietnam veteran John 'Break Out The Knives' Rambo, and I supposed the fact he didn't was probably down to an oversight on behalf of the Academy or something.

When he again failed to pick up the 'Best Actor' statuette after 'Rambo -First Blood, Part II', my suspicions began to rise ... but still I dismissed it as an unfortunate mistake.

So imagine my fury when, after Rambo had not only saved imprisoned Vietnam veterans from years of incarceration at the bloodthirsty hands of the Vietcong, but also liberated the proud Afghans from the yoke of Communist oppression, he STILL did not receive the award that was rightfully his? Is this how America treats its war heroes? Because if it is, it's a bloody outrage. Not only did John Stallone liberate an entire country from the iron grip of the Great Bear, but he also found time to win the title of Heavyweight Champion of the World - not once, but THREE bloody times.

If I was Sylvester Balboa, I would blow up planet Earth as punishment for being so damned ungrateful.

Reviewed by Theo Robertson 6 / 10

Better Than The Second But Very Uneven

Believe me RAMBO FIRST BLOOD PART 2 took some swallowing but the opening ten minutes of RAMBO 3 caused me to fall out of my chair in shock . John Rambo does prize fighting to earn his keep in a Buddhist commune ! I mean that`s a bit like having a film where the hero`s an environmentalist who goes around blowing oil rigs to save the Alaskan wilderness . Oh wait a minute didn`t Steven Seagal ....

Despite this incredible and vain attempt at character development there follows much dialogue that accurately reflects what is going on in Afghanistan in the mid 1980s . The Soviet - Afghan war actually intensified when Mikhail Gorbachev came to power and by that time over one million Afghans had died in the conflict while as many as five million had been forced over the border into Iran and Pakistan as what analysts at the time called " Migratory genocide " , a euphemism that people nowadays would describe as " Ethnic cleansing " . There`s other parts of the film that points out that screenwriter Sheldon Lettich has done his homework on the conflict with factual things like Soviet conscripts defecting to the Mujahedeen , of the red army planting mines and booby traps disguised as toys to blow off the limbs of children and of the Soviets use of chemical weapons which almost certainly proves that the sloppy script of FIRST BLOOD PART 2 was mainly down to James Cameron than Stallone , but as you`d expect in this type of action adventure movie the script rapidly degenerates into a series of set pieces of an all American superman blowing up a bunch of nasty commies who can`t shoot straight . Ah well at least the main commie isn`t played by a British actor unlike in the last film . Oh and congratulations to Peter McDonald for at least trying to make a Puma helicopter look like a Soviet helicopter gunship . The previous director was under the impression that the Soviets and Viet Cong use American Hueys

Setting the record straight : A lot of people prove how ignorant they are of the Soviet - Afghan war by confusing the Mujahedeen with the Taliban . The Mujahedeen ( Translated " The soldiers of God " ) and the Taliban ( Translated " The students of God " ) are entirely seperate things . The Taliban were created in Pakistan in the early 1990s , took over Afghanistan in 1995 and were led by Mullah Omar . The Mujahedeen were split into several different groups and were led by different leaders ( None of them called Bin Laden ) most of them forming a coalition against the Taliban called the Northern Alliance in 1995/96 . Their overall leader was the legendary guerilla leader Ahmad Shah Massoud who was murdered in a suicide bombing by Al Qai`da terrorists in September 2001 . It was the Northern Alliance who fought side by side with the Western coalition during their campaign to overthrow the Taliban government in 2001 to the present day

Reviewed by hongpik 10 / 10

Ignore the idiotic critics

I don't really understand what the disappointment is all about? This movie falls under the genre of action and thats what it delivers from top to bottom. Were people perhaps expecting a drama? And people can also tell me how often do you get to see the Russians and spetsnaz special forces in realistic action? Sure they were vilified, mowed down easily by Rambo, mostly missed him but as the evil villains, they were highly effective in that role. Don't get me wrong, I've nothing but admiration for the Russian military. The main villain (Russian commander) was also a freaking brilliant actor. The movie did'nt use real Russian helicopter gunships, (they used French ones modified instead) but they were still effective. All in all, this is an utterly brilliant and unique film and I give it 10 stars. Best in the Rambo series.

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