Raven's Touch


Action / Drama

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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by earthboli 1 / 10

The title should be enough to scare you away...

I'm not sure why 9 out of 10 lesbian films are poorly acted, super low budget, and with terrible scripts, but this movie is no departure, unfortunately.


Plot: A woman named Raven who dresses like she's been shopping at H&M but whose movements are stilted like a lizard and climbs trees finds a woman with very defined eyebrows (Kate) and her teenage kids (shifting from bratty to sweet in the same scene) camping, and yells at them for having a fire. This leads to more interactions, odd and implausible injuries, a crazy ex who runs off with the kids, and a VERY sudden, awkward, and out-of-place sex scene between Lizard Woman and Eyebrows. I literally cringed because it didn't make any sense for the women to like each other and there was no buildup or chemistry. It was also one of those "let's be artistic and sensual and do close ups of touching skin and kisses on the body" (i.e. sexless/foreplay only sex scenes) but with women who had no interest in each other. Then a random guy dies, Lizard Woman saves the kids from crazy ex, and love ensues right after the random guy's funeral.

So....in short: bad acting, bad script, and just very odd overall. Terrible, terrible movie that was so unintentionally bad that I laughed at parts that were supposed to be touching and artistic. And so many unanswered questions, such as why would a woman who lived in a cabin and only away from "civilization" for one month walk and act like she'd been raised by wolves? Why is the small "town" that random guy mentions that is a few minutes away actually a large, residential area that looks suspiciously like an LA suburb? How would Eyebrows and Raven suddenly fall in love with each other ONE WEEK after Eyebrows just got out of a bad relationship with her crazy ex?

There are much higher quality movies with lesbian themes; please avoid this one like the plague.

Reviewed by Boristhemoggy 1 / 10

Raven's 'Out Of' Touch, don't touch it, it's boring.

I actually watched parts of this movie twice because of other reviews but despite what they said I could not disagree more with some of them. The opening scenes are so badly acted and formulaic with the black son, Asian daughter and all white American Mom, plus the crazy lady in the woods. The car scenes leading up to their fist meeting with Raven are so wooden and lacking spirit that I almost laughed. The encounter by the campsite...truly badly done. The other 1 hour and 15 minutes of the movie...yada yada yada. I think for a budget of £200,000 they did well but the only real saving grace from poor script, bad acting and awful direction was the nice scenery. Honestly, don't waste a precious hour and a half of you life on this.

Reviewed by venisefillies 1 / 10

Better luck next time.

This film is not worth watching.Sorry, Webber ,Tracie Dinwiddie can only be type cast opposite Necar Zadegan. I just felt like the casting was just wrong. Secondly there is not much of a storyline to fall in love with. The love scene was so random not much chemistry between the two protagonists.Chemistry between two people on screen is the essence of a love story. When making a lesbian film please take some notes from Josephine Tengblad producer of Kyss Mig and also Ich will dich these are two brilliantly crafted films.A beautiful love story between two women is all I want to watch and the films just mentioned epitomize beauty.This film did not do anything for me.

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