Raw Force


Action / Adventure / Comedy / Horror

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Cameron Mitchell as Capt. Harry Dodds
Camille Keaton as Girl In Toilet
Jewel Shepard as Drunk Sexpot
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by doc_hartman 7 / 10

Babes, blades, zombies & Cameron. Freaking. MITCHELL.

I was going to give this one 9 out of 10 but had to knock it down because it quite simply wasted Jillian Kesner (RIP; you kicked my ass).

A nutty German who is apparently Hitler's younger brother, Chip, trades Philippine hookers for Jade to some weird monks ("Zey eat zem," Chip tells us) and uses a group of head-band-wearing Kung-fu thugs to protect the operation. If that sentence right there doesn't make you want to watch this film...

Zee chade mine must be kept a zeecret...sorry. Chip doesn't want anyone to know about the jade mine and when he finds out a low rent cruise ship is planning on making a tour of "Warrior Island" (dun dun duuun) he tells his thugs to take care of it. They fail of course, due to the First Commandment of Kung-fu: The good guy will always kick butt no matter how many bad guys attack him at once.

The thugs do manage to set the ship on fire and kill everyone on board except the plucky group of heroes. Their life raft beaches on the island and more Kung-fu ensues. The monks capture the group and tell them they may not leave until they have fought the monk's Kung-fu masters which is the queue for the Kung-fu ZOMBIES (!) to enter (I freaking love this film!).

The fight scenes were great, the over-acting was wonderful and the concept was so far out that it clicked like Fred Astaire in tap shoes. I can't end the review without a special shout out to Mitchell who was the ONLY man who could play the part of the captain. I laughed out loud every time he fired his pistol, especially when he tried to get the attention of a potential rescue plane by firing his pistol AT it! This film had it all and I can't do it justice here. Just see this film!

Things you didn't know: The South China Sea is loaded with piranha Asian chefs are ALWAYS Kung-fu masters Buddhist monks aren't always the peaceful guys they are rumored to be

Reviewed by Woodyanders ([email protected]) 10 / 10

An astonishingly absurd & inane low-budget Filipino trash hoot

Without a doubt one of the all-time single most sublimely shoddy'n'stupid shot-in-the-Phillippines low-budget kung-fu gore/horror/zombie/cannibal cheesy Grade Z exploitation trash masterpieces to ever ooze its divinely dopey way onto celluloid.

A bunch of evil, leering, impishly demented killer monks led by the always delightful Vic Diaz reside in seclusion on a remote island and devour the flesh of beautiful young women in order to successfully gain immortality. A low-rent pleasure cruise ship skippered by cranky captain Cameron Mitchell gets attacked by the monks' nefarious white slavery ring partners-in-crime; said ring is actually led by a chubby former Nazi who comes complete with a Hitler mustache and an atrocious heavy German accent. Fortunately, a majority of the ship's survivors are these obnoxiously swaggering macho meathead martial arts experts and their equally proficient at karate bimbo girlfriends. Alas, the monks are a most resourceful lot; they resurrect their vicious long dead ancestors from beyond the grave (the zombies are clearly these thankless miserable extras sporting dirty tattered rags and two-cent Halloween schlock shop gray greasepaint make-up!), thereby allowing for lots of ridiculous and hence seriously smoking the living vs. the undead a**-stomping mano-to-mano physical confrontation action.

Yeah, this deliciously dumb darling's every bit as lovably ludicrous as the above synopsis suggests -- and all the better for it, man. I mean, any cheerfully crass picture that boasts perennial dreck flick favorites Vic Diaz and Cameron Mitchell in the cast, lovely actresses Jillian Kessner and Jennifer Holmes in feisty femme roles, features the expected mondo destructo bar fight scene (this one even has an especially luscious stripper in it!), a gory decapitation at the very start of the film (always a good way to start a movie), a clip from "Piranha," a guy putting his foot through the windshield of a speeding automobile in strenuous slow motion, and a wonderfully sleazy and protracted party orgy scene that's highlighted by topless cameos from the foxy Camille Keaton of "I Spit on Your Grave" infamy and the adorable, perpetually vacuous Valley Girl airhead supreme Jewel Shepard of "The Return of the Living Dead" fame all crammed together into an enthusiastically vibrant and scroungy anything-goes wild grind-house package certainly counts as a bona fide four-star jaw-dropping classic of exceptional drive-in entertainment.

Reviewed by Bill Green ([email protected]) 10 / 10

Classic Drive-In Movie!

In a conventional sense, there really is no redeeming value in the film Raw Force. However, if you are willing to let go of your need for logic for ninety minutes, you will find Raw Force to be fun.

The story, such as it is, deals with the sale of nublile woman to monks on a
small island. The monks believe that consuming the flesh of the woman will allow them to have the power to raise the dead. You can tell the monks are evil because they are always shown in slow motion!

Throw in a guy that looks like Hitler in a leisure suit and the beautiful Jewell Shepard and some American Bruce Lee wannabees and you have the ingredients for the perfect drive-in movie.

Oh, did I mention that Cameron Mitchell was in this. Some may say that his appearance in The Toolbox Murders was his low point (others might say The Demon). I think this is it.

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