Raymond Did It


Action / Horror

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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by vengeance20 8 / 10

A Solid & Straight Forward Revenge Slasher!

Found this film at random on this site nearly 2 years back & never thought to check it out, though I forgot the title, I eventually found it & watched it online just today.

The film is about a mentally challenged boy, Raymond Rourke. He & his brother Bryce go out with a group of friends to the park one day but takes a very dark turn. Raymond is known to be picked on due to his mental disability & is the butt end of all jokes from a lot of people, especially from his brothers friends, he get's nick named "Ray-ray" & Tammy who is the one & only nice one takes pity on him. So one day, at the park when Paige, takes this pi$$ out of Raymond & kicks him in the face after giving what he gave her, Bryce gets up & lunges himself at Paige, on for her to shove him into a tree trunk hard enough, to break his neck or something by accident, killing him instantly! With Raymond unconscious, Paige & her 4 friends except, Tammy flee the scene. Paige then makes up a story with her 4 friends to heartlessly grass & frame Raymond for Bryce's murder due to his disability!

6 years later, Raymond breaks out of a mental asylum & gets some long overdue revenge for not only the death of his brother, but for himself for being framed from those who actually did it!

The film overall was pretty good. Though there were some implausible moments here & there. Like Raymond being framed so easy. The fact that the police, didn't think twice of a motive & how a mum can be so unforgiving & naive that her son could kill his own brother! The fact how Raymond can turn into a killer & not only prove the lies of Paige & her friends claims right, but put himself into the shite. Thereby, Bryce's death would firmly blamed on Raymond & not Paige! Sealing his own fate while seeking vengeance! The acting was OK & the dialogue was too, but it wasn't great to be fair. Not to mention Bryce's death, which was not only implausible in on itself but was also badly done & confusing hence why I put "Or something..." above because I wasn't entirely sure how he died exactly.

The deaths were unique & different. Some which were dumb in execution, but some which were either quite amusing or really f**ked up! Overall it was surreal, that's for sure! The dark grim tone the film had added to the atmosphere! The story-line was simply & straight forward! It didn't waste time & got there like all other films should! It was great to see & I did enjoy the film! It was a pretty good flick! Sad at points, but pretty good! The mean spirited tone & betrayal of Paige fitted well! She was a heart c**t alright! Not to mention the gore as well! As always, it didn't disappoint!

I overall give this a 8/10, it was a great solid, straight forward slasher with a great titled! But sadly had some dumb flaws & implausible moments! But it was unique & stands on its own 2 feet!

Reviewed by bobby556688 1 / 10

Review by the REAL Raymond to all the losers who made this

Awful movie. Nothing in it was done right. Crappy script. Terrible acting. Unbelievable.

I went to school with Ty Yaeger. He always had something dumb to say. They should have picked someone else to fit the parts of the entire cast and directing. Kyle Hoskins and the female in the movie are the only ones with shred of talent.

This is what happens when you collaborate with Nicolas Cage. He only does D grade movies anymore so when an idiot like that comes around to try and help people with a movie and gives it a stupid title, a movie that you have to drink a 30 pack of keystone before viewing it for it to have any appeal is what you get.

Reviewed by Kathini 1 / 10

Don't believe the reviews

I expected this to a semi-decent because of the 5.8 rating... It's just plain awful. This is coming from someone who enjoys cheesy/bad horror movies.

This is the first review I have ever bothered writing because the rating for this film is just so far off the mark. The acting is terrible and the filming is terrible. This is the kind of movie I would expect to come on one of those horrible $2 10-pack DVD's that you can buy at discount stores. I was very excited to sit down and just enjoy a movie and relax, but I turned this off after about 15 minutes, it completely ruined my mood to watch a movie.

Don't waste your time, watch something else.

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