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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by Perception_de_Ambiguity 8 / 10

One of the most amazing-looking films I have ever seen.

One striking shot follows the next in this monster B-movie, and the overall tone of the visuals is beautiful, I think. And there is some thick, intense atmosphere. In those departments it's so stunning that the many flaws can't ruin the film. The acting is OK all in all but there are some moments that make you want to put your head through the next wall. The action scenes and especially the ones with the razorback, a huge boar, are more or less comprehensible in that you get the basic idea of what's going on but all the crucial scenes happen between cuts, so the editing is jumpy, kind of like a TV edit. The worst example is the movie's finale and the destruction of the monster, which after an exhaustingly loud, dark, monotonous battle between man and monster plot-wise also ends on a ridiculous and schmaltzy note and so the film leaves you with a bad aftertaste. But those visuals, man, those visuals... It's kinda like a more extreme 'Alien³'. Worse plot, more stunning visuals. What else could I do but consider this a new B-movie favorite?

Reviewed by nickcuk 9 / 10

Under-appreciated 80s Classic

This is one of those film that I decided to track down and buy because it was such a hoot. Great atmospheric scenes, a bit of gore and plenty of humour. I love it and I only paid £4.32 incl postage !

There's a lot of tricky night-time filming and very realistic killer pigs - if that hasn't hooked you then I doubt this film is for you. If you liked American Werewolf in London, get this and you won't go wrong.

I don't want to be accused of padding but do an internet seach and you will always find great ratings for this film - it just seems to slip beneath the radar for most reviewers which is a shame because it deserves to become a classic for all the right reasons. Please add your comments if you agree - but remember to make it at least 10 lines OK

Reviewed by fertilecelluloid 8 / 10

A B-grade winner that marries Jaws to Texas Chainsaw

"Razorback" perfectly captures the dirty, malevolent underbelly of outback Australia by mixing "Jaws" (on land) with "The Texas Chainsaw Massacre". After a Canadian reporter (Judy Morris) is slaughtered, her husband (Gregory Harrison) arrives in Oz to search for her killer. No points for guessing that her killer is a giant, mutated boar who has also, quite recently, dragged the grandson of a local kangaroo shooter into the night. Although the sweaty boar is a considerable threat, he pales in comparison to the threat presented by two deviant locals (David Argue and Chris Haywood). The boys, who are brothers, work in a hellish pet food factory which resembles the subterranean underworld depicted in Tobe Hooper's "The Texas Chainsaw Massacre 2". These colorful miscreants/part time Roo shooters live to rape, kill, and abuse two-legged and four-legged creatures, and provide "Razorback" with a welcome spine of pitch black humor. Directed by rock video ace Russell Mulcahy (his feature debut), this is a B-grade winner that boasts some of the best photography (courtesy of Dean Semler) ever seen in a horror flick. The giant pig (by "Brain Dead"'s Bob McCarron) is seen intermittently and is not always totally believable, but the film's pacing and bloody surrealism more than compensate for this deficit. The score by Iva Davies is superb and the bloody attack sequences, especially in the uncut version, hit the bullseye.

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