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Oona Chaplin as Naomi
Charlotte Le Bon as Elizabeth
Tom Hughes as Marc Jarvis
Barry Ward as West
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by Claudio Carvalho 6 / 10

Thoughtful Science Fiction

When Marc Jarvis (Tom Hughes) is diagnosed of an incurable throat cancer, the plans his life to commit suicide and keep his body cryogenically frozen in the Progeny Company awaiting for technology to revive. In 2084, he becomes the first man to be successfully revived by Dr. West (Barry Ward) and his team. The nurse Elizabeth (Charlotte Le Bon) helps Marc in his recovery and he learns that his beloved lover Naomi (Oona Chaplin) did the same expecting to live with him in the future. However Marc finds previous fails in the project with several casualties. Further, he is losing his only belongings – his memories – and he does not recover his previous health. Out of the blue, Marc takes a decision for Naomi and him.

"Realive" is a thoughtful sci-fi by Mateo Gil, the writer of the magnificent "Abre los Ojos". The story is interesting, approaching themes like ethics, afterlife without the original memories, adaptation to a future society with different moral and behaviors and so on. However the narrative is too cold despite the intriguing screenplay and the film does not work well. Marc Javis and Naomi should have been better developed in the beginning in order to make these characters likable. The hot Charlotte Le Bon is also wasted in a very limited character. Anyway, the story is original and provides a different view of immortality that makes the viewer think. My vote is six.

Title (Brazil): Not available

Reviewed by Trace 7 / 10

A muddled yet thought provoking story on bioethics, cryonics, and immortality

This movie opens up a Pandora's box of unexpected outcomes for a man who receives a death sentence from cancer and seeks the hope and promise of cryonics science to keep himself from fading into nothingness. Like the sci-fi movie Ex Machina, Realive explores the ramifications of mankind 'playing God' and what hardships, acceptable failures and yes human suffering would be necessary in order to accomplish the dream of basically conquering death. The lead character discovers that putting faith in science to resurrect you to a life that may be vastly different from that which you were given from birth, may not be preferable to the finality and peacefulness of death itself. Will science be able to reconstitute the recipe that makes you the whole person you are? Or will science recreate merely a vestige of who you were such that the person that emerges after being unfrozen and rebuilt is a complete stranger? Or worse, what if what is re animated is merely an empty, 'souless' 'spiritless' wonder? There are things worse than death. Now if science could account for all the vastness of what makes me who I am and recapture all that for me after freezing and being thawed out, that might be something to consider. But as the main character discovered he was resurrected into an existence that was a far cry from the life he had known both in terms of function and identity.

Reviewed by LouieInLove 3 / 10

Vapid Human Wakes in Vapid Utopia

This is a love story between two vapid people, one of whom has a terminal illness. However, the dying individual (post death) jumps in a freezer only to be reanimated in the not too distant future into a vapid utopia.

There is nothing to latch on to in this film. It pulls very little empathy from the viewer. There is a coldness/soulless quality to the characters & the world in which they are set. A potentially interesting story is basically let down by a lack of humanity. There is no beauty or rhythm to the storytelling. It is simply pretensions stylised shite; which is a genuine shame.

Hay! I'm off to meet my sex friends - so I have to stop writing this review. Me & my sex friends will hang out & maybe have some sex. This is what me & my friends do. We don't put labels on things. We don't try & own one another, we just share our bodily fluid devoid of any emotional connection. I pity those of you who shackle yourselves to romance.


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