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John Cusack as Benjamin
Rachelle Lefevre as Shannon
Luis Guzmán as Superintendent
Ryan Phillippe as Steven
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by chicagopoetry 1 / 10

The Worst Movie I've Seen This Year

Oh good grief I can't believe what a horrible movie Reclaim was. What starts out as a potentially promising Mamet-esque suspense thriller about a couple adopting a child through a seedy agency, turns into nothing but one cliché after another, one stupid, implausible scenario after another, one ridiculous car chase after another. I was literally shouting at this movie, laughing at the illogical actions of the characters. The sad thing is John Cusack actually gives a really great performance here as a bad guy. He's really at the top of his game. But for what? This idiotic, ridiculous premise? Even the happy ending makes no sense when they finally "save" the little girl they were trying to adopt (who was in on the plot all along) and tell her they're going to take her home with them. How? With no passport? With no legal adoption papers? What nonsense. It's just one example of how the screenwriters didn't bother to make sure anything in this film was plausible. Let's give another example of stupidity. The guy's locked in the trunk of a car, banging away, punching and kicking at the inside of the locked hood, as if that's going to help, and this goes on and on, and then suddenly he remembers he has a gun in his sock, so he shoots the lock and of course it doesn't ricochet into his face as it probably would instead it magically opens the locked trunk. So, why was he punching and kicking the hood in the first place if he had a magic trunk opening gun in his sock? Urrgh. What a stupid movie.

Reviewed by bubbakid 3 / 10

Film touted to expose child trafficking in the world gets it wrong.

All right, Cusack and Guzman are pretty good but the whole movie is as probable as the New York Giants winning the Super Bowl. All the bad get killed, all the good guys survive (even Guzman who looked like he died gives us an alive wink to show he survived a massive bullet to his head. The saddest part of the movie is the end message which states that 1.2 million children are trafficked throughout the world each year and they are invisible. Sad but true but it had nothing to do with this movie. Nina was only posing as a trafficked child. Her adoptive mom just happened to be a scam artist. All in all skip the movie and if you are interested in the problem of human trafficking there are plenty of other places to find real stories.

Reviewed by yaniv_ya3 1 / 10

one of the worst scripts i ever seen

The idea of the movie is great. It's suppose to be a great thriller. The man who wrote this script must find himself another job, because he has done all he can to ruin it. it's so unreliable and has so many holes and problems. If i ignore the script and the bad acting, the sites of the film are very beautiful. i don't understand how John Cusack agreed to play in this movie. Luis Guzman got himself a bad role, and he performes very badly in it. I think he was discussed of the script so much he couldn't do it right. If you like thrillers, do yourself a favour and DON'T watch the movie. Sometimes the score of a movie in IMDb lies, but this time i think the grade of the movie does a mercy with it.

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