Red Christmas


Horror / Thriller

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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by stephenw-30180 7 / 10

Surprisingly good Holiday slasher Flick

When I saw the ad for this film I immediately thought it was going to be another poorly made low budget piece of crap that has been regurgitated time and again.

I was completely wrong and pleasantly surprised how good this film was. Dee Wallace (as the Matriarch) does a great job as does the supporting cast. The lighting and score was exceptional and the story unique and was very relevant to the plot and narrative.

Once again a great Aussie horror film. I have to say the Australians have the Horror genre down to a science. I never expected this film to be so creepy and have such a strong subplot that you never see coming. Original kill scenes and diversity in each character makes this film all the more better. The antagonist is very creepy and covered in robe and swathing. He has a mission which is revealed (sort of) towards the middle of the film. It's fully explained towards the end to wrap up the baseline narrative.

As I typically never like to disclose spoilers in my reviews I won't divulge too much about the story, but will say, if you are a Horror fan and fan of the sub genre Slasher flick, you will Love this film. Additionally, this film will appeal to any horror fan who likes well done twists and unexpected plot surprises.

Bravo for a very entertaining and original take on the Christmas Horror scenario. This is one of, if not THE BEST, Holiday horror film I've seen in 20 years!

Watch and enjoy....

Reviewed by dsa-827-486965 10 / 10

Future cult classic imho

Its cheap, actors and script at first half not so good, but... final part actually deliver good climax - this is very-very rare in many horrors, big-budget or non-budget. Also SFX not bad, and Craig really know what he doing - this film take best from slashers: interesting death, emotional drama, controversy, and morale - but! without agitation, you really can think about it. I not say this is 10 of 10 for all horror fans. But if you love good b- movie from 80th - this one need to be seen.

Reviewed by jeanfrancois_croteau 9 / 10

Pretty good Slasher film !!

I'm a SLASHER maniac, and Christmas movies are always fun. I enjoyed RED Christmas from the beginning till the end, ans we have to give credit to the beautiful ans talented DEE WALLACE who give another TOUR DE FORCE performance. I really envoyed seeing her, and i think she's a fantastic Scream Queen. But beside all that, that little movie, shot in 15 days has a real soul, and i really appreciate the way they used the light in the film. For me, it's an instant Christmas Classic that i'll buy and watch every years in the Holiday beside GREMLINS and BLACK Christmas. If you like 80 Slashers films, and if you felt in love with DEE WALLACE since your childhood (E.T, or HOWLING), you'll have a great time.

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