Red Sonja


Action / Adventure / Fantasy

Rotten Tomatoes Critics - Rotten 18%
Rotten Tomatoes Audience - Spilled 29%
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Brigitte Nielsen as Red Sonja
Ernie Reyes Jr. as Prince Tarn
Sandahl Bergman as Queen Gedren
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by jack flynn 6 / 10

Reminds me of the good-old Drive-In movie days.

This movie gets better with age. If you've got a sense of humor and don't need Industrial Light and Magic special effects, the combination of actors (all playing off the winsome Brigette Nielson) makes this a fun movie to see again...or for the first time.

It's probably also the movie that got Arnold in hot water during the "recall."

Reviewed by Linda_S 9 / 10

Arnold, Brigitte, Sandahl!

This is a wonderfully moral sword and sorcery epic. Arnold Schwarzenegger portrays a heroic man of high character unlike the amoral Conan. His portrayal of Kalidor is understated and that makes it WORK.

Brigitte Nielsen while a raw talent, still manages to put this film over.

She is what one expects a Red Sonja to be: a simple, brave, barbarian woman with a sense of loyalty and oath upholding that is so alien to our modern world.

Sandahl Bergman as the nefarious Queen Gedren is marvelous. She has a plum role playing a villainous megalomaniac and she enjoys every minute of it.

Paul Smith and his sidekick Ernie Reyes Jr. almost steal the show, quite charming. Again there is a humanity in Smith's character, this loyalty and taking seriously of an oath that rings true for the imagined world of this sword and sorcery entry.

Tutte Lemkow's portrayal of a wizard is one of the minor roles that is very well done.

Of all the sword and sandal movies I have seen over the years I have a special place for this 1985 film.

It is a feel good movie, romantic, exciting, beautiful scenery and costumes and an excellent ARNOLD film.

Reviewed by Max Imus 5 / 10

so it is true, only women may touch it

Quote of the movie: "so it is true, only women may touch it"

What was good:

The Soundtrack was really good thanks to genus, Ennio Morricone.

Red Sonja looked really good in that little cloth piece she wore throughout the movie.

There is more red hair in this film than a shedding Irish Setter.

What was bad: The little kid playing the ruler of a land terribly over acts. I am not sure if this is because he is a bad kid actor or if it was suppose to be.

There was a scene where Arnold rides around hitting people from his horse, but in a wide-angle shot, there is nobody dead on the ground.

The special effects for 1985 are fairly lame, including the mechanical spider in the castle lair is so bad-dd.

The costumes were designed as if there was a sale at a early 1980's salvation army. Costume of the movie goes to the oriental old man, "grandmaster", with the white sheet and black straps is quite a sight. With poles that come out of his back, I don't know how he can enter a doorway.

It takes 18 minutes for Arnold to actually read a line.

A fun movie to drink a little and laugh at the action or lack of action. This movie could of been done a lot worse.

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