Red State


Action / Crime / Horror / Thriller

Rotten Tomatoes Critics - Rotten 58%
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John Goodman as Joseph Keenan
Anna Gunn as Travis' Mother
Matt Jones as Deputy Pete
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by Navywarrior 3 / 10

What a mess!

This movie had potential. It could've easily have been a companion piece to "Hostel", like a religious fundamentalist version. And there are a DOZEN horrible ways that Xtians used to kill people (Brazing Bull, Sawing, witch trial stuff, etc.) But clearly this movie was rushed together and slapped together TOO quickly. It was like Kevin SMith wanted to get this movie out SO quickly that he didn't care about crafting a complete film. The movie is missing a necessary first act, there's no real setup. ANd so when we cut to the 2nd act the tonal change doesn't work. Instead the thriller/murder stuff isn't shocking since we see it coming. And when the FBI/ATF/whatever shows up to kill the church people it's like half of a third act intrudes into the film and never completes itself. The "Rapture" stuff was compelling and even with his nobudget resources Smith should've tried to do this instead of the cop out ending (no pun intended) that he did. It would've made the movie pay off and truly scary since we've never seen a rapture before on screen. But instead we get a half-baked Coen brothers style ripoff of an ending with a pointless monologue by Goodman that's so muddled its a metaphor for this mess of a film. Again, there was a lot of potential here. Maybe someday this film will get remade by someone that cares. My guess is that Smith was so hurt by the critical backlash over "Cop Out" that he was rushing to get back into the game so he could repair his street cred before it was too late (in his mind that is). But it seems like his career went on hold after "Zach and Miri" flopped since Weinstein stopped financing films for him. So "Red State" feels like Smith is trying WAY too hard to win us back with a hard-hitting film that is hard-core for the sake of being hardcore instead of just being a good movie, which it is not. But again, there was some good ideas here. Michael Parks is also EXCELLENT and had the movie been a better vehicle for his performance then I suspect he could've really been remembered in this. His character had cult status written all of it but the film falls apart so quickly that it doesn't sell him they way it should. Even the font used for the titles (ironic as it is in its simplicity) is a turn-off because of how 'simple' it is. It's like Kevin is just tossing this movie out like it's this effortless thing for him yet rather than it coming off as confident it comes off as a form of skimming, like a student who waits the night before a test to study a semester's worth of material. I really wanted to like this film but Kevin's experiment in a film that is edited as he films it goes against the great tradition of filmmaking in a sense-- i.e. if you are going to mimic greats like Tarantino and the Coens who are Kubrickian in their attention to detail and slave over their films, then rushing a movie out contradicts the process they are known for using (they take their time letting their films grow). This is like a fried fast food version of "Fargo" spiced up with Tarantino flourishes/clichés. And like fried food, it's not good for you in the end and doesn't really taste that great the longer you eat it.

Reviewed by nazztrader 1 / 10

Oh Kevin

This is an awful movie. I'd rather watch a bad episode of any of the "Law & Order" TV shows, for example, and I often laugh at them (on the few occasions that I watch them). RS is unrealistic, unappealing, and poorly made, but not enough that one can laugh at it. MST 3K would reject it, I'd guess. Was the director trying to be "ambiguous?" Does he think this is what makes a film "art?" He has succeeded in making an unambiguously bad movie. Among other things, there are no characters to "get behind," and what's worse, none of them come across as particularly realistic. Nor are the situations realistic. RS makes Oliver Stone's "JFK" conspiratorial vision look like an establishment white-wash by comparison!

Forget about offense to "Christian conservatives," because all people should be offended (except for film students who need to learn what not to do and truly deranged people, perhaps). The "religious" people shown in the film are clearly using religion to fulfill sadistic desires, and no religion should be blamed for the actions of a few "nuts." However, what's worse is how the ATF agents are portrayed, which would place them on the same level as Nazi SS guards at death camps if they actually were like this in reality. And of course we get the bungling local sheriff. Why that character's name wasn't Lobo is an interesting question.

Really, the only "message"' one gets in this film is that the director is an incompetent with a bizarre view of social reality. I would welcome a film that shows how a cult is comprised of many different types of personalities, with some of the members really wanting to do good and thinking that they are, for instance. Perhaps we would get some back story about what led them to the cult in the first place. This is where we might see some social reality. For example, perhaps one of them lost a loved one because they lacked health insurance and put off going to a doctor. In this case, the person would fall into the hands of a group of people who are opposed to making sure everyone has good health care, generally-speaking. This would create the irony or ambiguity that the director apparently sought. As it stands, though, it is a sad mess of a film, though if it was designed to offend everyone, it would all make perfect sense.

Reviewed by Wolfpack-K9 1 / 10

This movie is so bad it's "Insidious".

WOW, really bad, and surprising coming from such a big name as Kevin Smith. Damn he should stick to bad comedies with a crap load of dialog because horror movies about a Christian extremist sect are not his strong point. John Goodman, what were you thinking, are you broke? if so sell stuff on ebay but don't ruin your name, come on really, how does a dude enter an armory full of weapons, grab one then stand in the middle of the room waiting to get shot, terrible. The end, i don't want to spoil it in case someone has an hour and a half to throw away, OMG is it bad. You would be better off spending the time staring at the sun with a telescope, way better ending.

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