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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by imdb-49049 1 / 10

Very wooden and dull acting in a limp, unconvincing tale

Tim Hutton was wooden in his acting and seemed to be not very interested in putting life into this tale. Some of the supporting actors/actresses did a good job, but overall I found it all a waste of time. There were no redeeming features by the end, for me. A thriller it most certainly was not.

Reviewed by sideshowsuzy-866-82424 8 / 10

A treat for the morning

Since Movie Mix has been taken over by Sony it's had some little gems on in the mornings. Called thrilling mornings it's been a lot better. I'm a fan of a lot of films because I always think of the sheer hard work to make a movie. Anyway this film is a pretty good film. You can see the level of acting and sets the filmography all of it's good. I think assessing it as a longer version of Law and Order is a bit mean to both Reflections and Law and Order. So this is a little gem. Good plot interesting culture shock as it's set in Spain. How outrageous is that? No I think it being out of the usual Quantico USA setting helps it. Timothy Hutton is good as the tired out FBI officer All supporting Spanish actors have lots to offer. It's really well done. It keeps you guessing how it's going to play out and has a few surprises along the way. Keep it up Sony Movie Channel. For free view you're pretty good and now you've upped the ante let's hope others follow suit. I love a good black and white movie but movies for men should actually put some classics on not weird Ed Wood type films made on a budget of three pence! There is a place for them just not for 24 bloody hours on a constant loop.

Reviewed by msroz 5 / 10

Timothy Hutton on the trail of a serial killer in Spain

"Reflections" (2008) is a serial killer picture, a sub-genre of crime movies that has many entries. Timothy Hutton is the head detective. He plays the part in a calm, mature, laid-back style. He's been around and he knows how to deal with people psychologically. I liked his performance.

To be fresh, a serial killer movie needs some kind of creative twist. This has a very good one. The killer has an identical twin. He cooperates with Hutton, reluctantly, to create a profile that might help trap his brother.

The screenplay, however, didn't live up to its promise. The story as told wasn't paced well, too often going on tangents and not developing promising directions. It became wordy too. Some killings seemed rushed and gratuitous. Some clues that were good ones seemed to be left hanging. The detailed investigation seemed to flag. Suspense and forward momentum were the victims of these failings.

Some of the acting was uncomfortable and awkward. This didn't help either.

All in all, this picture is below average for the genre. It's not without interest, but it was a bit of a slog to see it through.

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