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Reviewed by aladar4 8 / 10

One of the most 'cinematic' films of the year

Knowing that the film you are about to see is based on a much-loved historical novel that was partially funded by book groups and fans much lead you to expect a movie made up of long complex conversations in overly art-directed heritage country houses.

Resistance is the opposite of novelistic. It is the embodiment of cinematic. There are as few words as possible in every scene. No voice-overs, people sitting down to write letters, no exposition. Despite it's wartime setting, this film is not made up of daring missions by brave resistance fighters against inhuman Nazis. It is an exploration of whether we can resist the forces that seek to shape our lives.

I see the film as the story of Albrecht, the leader of the small group of war-weary Germans who have been assigned the task of occupying a remote Welsh hamlet in alternative history version of WWII in which the Germans are invading the British Isles. When he first arrives, the women say that their men are up farming the remote fields. He soon realises that the men have vanished in advance of his arrival in a bid to join the British resistance.

As with good movie titles, it means more than one thing: as well as the resistance group that the men have left to join, there are the large and small acts of resistance that are open to the remaining women, and even some of the Germans.

Resistance is a period film, but it has more in common with 2011's 'Drive' and 'Shame' than 'It Happened Here' and 'Saving Private Ryan.'

Reviewed by stephenurie123 10 / 10

Moving, poetic, haunting.

Resistance is a war movie like no other I have seen. It is probably more accurate to describe it as a film about humanity found in war. This probably marks it out as an anti-war movie if anything and is clearly not to everyone's taste. It is, however, to mine, and I have found myself thinking about the film for many days after seeing it.

It is a film which stays with you. It is also a film that perhaps expects rather a lot from the audience, for which I and my wife were incredibly grateful, as this is increasingly uncommon.

I would recommend you to see this film if you like ideas, beauty and no easy answers. The performances are uniformly stunning and the photography, breathtaking. Don't see it if you expect to be told what to think. This is a film about difficult questions in extreme circumstances and as such demands commitment.

Reviewed by lufcwls 8 / 10

Not bad at all

There will be spoilers in my review... I wasn't expecting that much from this film judging by its rating and reviews but I was pleasantly surprised. Well shot in a period style it offers a strange and perhaps inaccurate account of Wales if Hitler had taken Britain. I say inaccurate in account to a review on here that the Herman soldiers would have been more 'intimate' with the women which were, essentially, prisons of war. This may be true in reality and in many other horrifying an graphic representations of war in other films but this reviewer has failed to take into account the personality of the German captain who is obviously a kind soul who doesn't want to be mixed up in this as much as any other person! Seen in his protectiveness of his squad and eagerness to help the women farmers - hence no rape and pillaging. Some other reviews I would agree with, it is a bit slow at times but it is not overly long to make it seem tiresome and I do also agree that Sheen is wasted. The scene with the horse has been completely misunderstood by many too; obviously he was meant to shoot the woman but instead shoots the horse as he cant bring himself to do so. He has a local connection to her also so knows (and sees) the pain he has caused her by shooting her beloved horse - hence the tears. Some of the reviews on here are damn right stupid and i suggest you ignore and enjoy the film for yourself

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