Return of the Magnificent Seven


Action / Western

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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by Ryan Ellis 6 / 10

It Can't Ride With 'The Magnificent Seven'

One of my all-time favourite music scores is Elmer Bernstein's thrilling theme from 'The Magnificent Seven'. I was practically dancing in my seat when I got to hear it again during the opening sequence in 'Return Of The Seven', the first of 3 sequels to John Sturges' classic western. My enthusiasm was short-lived. Bernstein and star Yul Brynner are the only major players to return for this 1966 rehashing of the first picture. Their work is solid---even though they just do the same things they did in Sturges' film---but writer Larry Cohen and director Burt Kennedy don't have any new ideas of their own.

It's impossible to replace actors like Steve McQueen, Eli Wallach, James Coburn, and Charles Bronson with Warren Oates, Fernando Rey and a slew of unknowns, but that must have been the best they could do. It's just as foolish to remake the remake (let's not forget that 'Magnificent' was a redo of Kurosawa's 'The Seven Samurai'). A completely different story might have worked better. Since only 3 of the original 7 survived---and neither McQueen or Horst Buchholz return as Vin or Chico)---you can't help noticing that the B team is just not good enough to match what the A team did with Brynner in 1960.

So brace yourself as Chris Adams (Brynner) and company ride into battle against Mexican bandits all over again. This time they've got to save Chico and the other male villagers they saved years before. Same result? Not telling, but there are 1 or 2 fun moments along the way. Any excuse to hear Bernstein's music is a good excuse, especially when the movie is on free TV. All the same, I think I'll skip the other sequels. 'Return Of The Seven' isn't horsepoo, but it's certainly not worthy of riding with 'The Magnificent Seven' either.

Reviewed by bkoganbing 7 / 10

Those Farmers Have More Trouble

Do you remember how the first Magnificent Seven ended? Yul Brynner and Steve McQueen rode off after polishing off Eli Wallach and his group of bandits. Horst Bucholtz as Chico stayed in the village and married a girl from there. The other four also stayed in six by four graves.

Flash forward now to the present. One day another group of bandits sweep down on the village, they take Chico and the rest of the men as workers on a little project. They've taken the men from two other villages as well.

The call is sent out for help again. Yul Brynner and Robert Fuller in Steve McQueen's role recruit four others and ride back to where they fought that battle many years earlier.

Instead of the eminently practical Eli Wallach whose interest in these poor villages was for supplies during the winter for his gang. This time we're dealing with a fanatic played Emilio Fernandez who Yul Brynner has had dealings with before. He's got all these peasants working as slave labors to rebuild a church as a monument to his two dead sons. The man's trolley has definitely slipped his tracks.

I guess I miss Eli Wallach from the original. I found Fernandez's character to be just too off the mark for me. I can't believe his own men are standing for what he wants.

Just as Steve McQueen came from western television so does his replacement Robert Fuller, fresh from the Laramie series. Fuller is competent enough, but does not have McQueen's charisma by a stretch. Too bad they couldn't get Steve McQueen to repeat his role.

The other four of the new Seven are Jordan Christopher, Claude Akins, Warren Oates, and Rudolfo Acosta. All of them fill roles that we've come to expect of them. Julian Mateos takes Horst Bucholtz's part, a more mature Chico to be sure.

You could not have done this film without that wonderful Elmer Bernstein theme again. What I can't understand is why his score was nominated again as there was nothing original in it.

Return of the Seven is a decent enough remake, but it ain't a patch on the original.

Reviewed by rmahaney4 6 / 10

Poor script, good action

In some ways, it almost seems unfair to compare a sequel to the original, that we should judge it on it's own merits. However, usually the only reason we are watching a sequel is because of the original, so my review consists primarily in comparison.

The most interesting thing about Return is how hard the makers tried to make it like the original. They were largely successful. Burt Kennedy's direction is good and recreates the visual feel of the original. Of course, Bernstein's score highlights the film. The story, different in particulars, is goes through essentially the same stages: armed men attack the village, the call for help, the gathering of the seven, traveling to the village, defying the villain, the first attack beaten off, a pause where we get to know the characters and their motivations better, the final attack. The only difference is that the villagers do not 'betray' their protectors, as in the Magnificent Seven. A character even sneaks into the enemy camp in much the same fashion as in the earlier movie.

The real weakness of the sequel is the script. Along with the excellent acting and music, the dialogue in the first film was very well written and something of a departure from earlier westerns. It was terse, oftentimes funny, filled with meaning. In Return the delivery and the tone is the same, but the words spoken so solemnly are utterly commonplace and with no humor. Robert Fuller would have been a good replacement for McQueen, but the character is written completely differently and is far less interesting.

The acting, also, is inferior to the first film.

Another problem with the film is the portrayal of the peasants. They are a not characters, as in The Magnificent Seven, but a mass. This film is solely about the 7 Americans riding to the rescue to the rescue of defenseless peasants and at times seems to have a pro-intervention (pro-Vietnam?) political subtext that the in first film, which was a translation of Seven Samurai to the New World, was either absent or more subtle.

All this said and out of the way, film has lots of action, a good score, and Yul Brynner, who is always fun to watch in a western whether it is The Magnificent Seven or Adios, Sabata. Fans of westerns and action films will probably find it entertaining.

Familiar face Emilio Fernandez, who played Lorca, acted in over 70 films, starting in Mexico, and wrote and directed many of them. The relationship between his character, his dead sons, and Chris could have made a very compelling film. Unfortunately it was not expanded on.

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