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Richard Kind as Boss
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by tintner-22191 7 / 10

Interesting mother-son relationship

My impression is nearly everyone is responding to this in stereotypical ways - seeing the mother as impossibly overbearing and interfering.

Actually mother and son have a great relationship. They argue intensely and in detail about what his stories should be like - and about life and their relationship in general. This is very well portrayed. And most of us should be so lucky to have such a relationship.

So she takes it too far - but hardly in a Tennessee Williams way. And they argue intensely about that too, and work their way to a successful conclusion.

Sure, it's all a little too Hollywood pat and neat in the end.

But you have an unusual portrait of an unusual and very good mother-son relationship - and a very passionately involved mother. She's very OK.

I enjoyed it a lot.

Reviewed by krevus 9 / 10

Funny, sad and beautiful.

This is a down to earth film about real life. It tackles among other thing the sometimes odd relationship between a mother and son, which are brilliantly played by Helen Hunt and Brenton Thwaites. The mother has a real hard time letting her son go as he's turning into a grown up that doesn't need his mother anymore. As a know-it-all person that likes to be on top of things she follows her son to California from New York and spies on him as he's trying to find himself and experience new things while living with his laid back dad that just want's him to do whatever makes him happy. Her ridiculous behavior is quite funny as is her interactions with the chauffeur that she hires to drive her around while stalking her son. This odd behavior is explained as the story enfolds and a tragedy from the past is brought to light. This a story about a person that seems to be in complete control of her life, but then she's swept away by changes and has to let her self go, learn to trust others and embrace the unexpected. The film is both funny and sad, and very beautiful, specially the surfing scenes that are a perfect setting for a person that is learning to be humble and accepting.

Reviewed by debvee60 7 / 10

Learning to let go

I viewed this movie from the standpoint of a parent of an adult child as is the main character, Jackie. In my view this is what the story is about, how a parent lets go and enjoys watching her child make their way as an adult. In doing so, she is able to move on to becoming a more authentic person as well. I've always been a fan of Helen Hunt and although her appearance has changed, she still brings us her ability to make us feel we are watching a woman bravely dealing with what life is bringing her way. The film present a great contrast between their lives in New York and California. The son, Angelo, travels to CA to visit his dad. I'm a little surprised at how quickly the son, Angelo, adapts to the different lifestyle. Luke Wilson as Jackie's love life is a good match. His calmness contrasting with her franticness plays well.

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