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Robert Carlyle as Stevie
Peter Mullan as Jake
James MacDonald as Funeral Director
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by Sally Hodders 7 / 10

Good Film, Great Acting!

This is a good film but what is great about it truly is the acting. I agree with the other poster here that the acting is phenomenal and the main actors in this movie truly shine as though they really are the characters they are playing in this film, 100% believable in their roles. Big congrats to the cast of this one for their great work. I only saw this by happenstance because my friend taped it on a cable channel years ago by mistake and we were looking for a tape to record a show while we were out and I said not to tape over this because it looked interesting, how about that? It's about the working class in England and seems to be very realistic about these hard working people who sometimes have very dangerous jobs they simply don't have any other choice of making a living. I am surprised never to have heard of this movie before but if you get a chance to watch it I would say check it out for sure if you are a fan of good acting :)

Reviewed by RockyHeyes 7 / 10

Misfits or Misplaced?

Riff Raff is one of Loach's more humorous depictions of working class life. That said it's still not comedy, it a melodrama with political overtones.

What it's really about is the collapse of the working classes due to the Thatcherite policies introduced in the 1980's. The collapse of the power of the trade unions and the incorporation of capitalisation and 'big business'.

These workers are struggling to live below the breadline, working in unsafe conditions and squatting wherever they can.

It's a tragedy of circumstance really but there are moments of romance and humour provided mostly by Ricky Tomlinson. Taking a bath in a show house. Hilarious.

Reviewed by William J. Fickling ([email protected]) 9 / 10

Quasi-documentary brilliant social commentary

I've always been astonished by Ken Loach's ability to make me forget that these are actors that I'm watching, or that this is a movie on a set, etc. The characters in this film are so real, so lifelike, that it was almost like watching a documentary. The film very wisely employs subtitles for the English dialogue, much or most of which would be unintelligible to an American audience.

Several of the reviews I have read of this film call it a comedy. Well, although there are one or two comic scenes, to me this is far from a comedy. This is a bitter and biting howl of rage against the plight of the working class in the UK. These men are used and exploited by their employers. There is no doubt that these construction sites would be cited for safety violations, or even closed down, if they were in the USA. and the owner-managers might well be prosecuted, since their willful negligence ultimately results in a death. What is lacking in the British working class, if this film is any guide, is any sense of upward mobility, any hope, any sense that I can make it out of this and find a better life. The one exception to this is the protagonist's girl friend, who is a monumentally untalented aspiring singer, and in her case we don't feel that there is much hope either.

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