Rio 2


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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by TheLittleSongbird 7 / 10

An enjoyable sequel

As someone who loved the first film, while the advertising was not the best it didn't put me off seeing Rio 2. And it was very enjoyable, not as good as the original but it is an example of animated sequels that do work. The story and the pacing are uneven here, with the film getting off to a slightly slow start and feeling rushed in other places, though you do have to admire the energy there is. There are plenty of fun parts with the second half far more compelling than the first and the film rarely has a dull moment, but structurally it is on the thin side and content-wise it feels overstuffed. However, if you want lots of colour, catchy music, fun and good characters and voice acting, Rio 2 very like its predecessor doesn't disappoint. The animation is amazing with lots of vibrant detail especially in the backgrounds and nothing looks hurried or static. The colours are even more brighter and colourful than the first film too. The music has that Brazilian flavour and the songs are incredibly catchy. Don't Go Away is a very touching song, but the highlights are the pizazz-personified Poisonous Love and the hilarious rap version of I Will Survive(thought I'd never say this, can't stand rap on the most part). While the film does feel overstuffed, the content is actually really good, dialogue-wise it's smartly written and has a fair amount of heart while the gags provide plenty of laughs with sharp timing, the best being the soccer match, the jungle auditions and any scene(the Romeo and Juliet part in particular) with Gabi and Nigel. The characters are still engaging, Blu and Jewel are likable lead characters though they had more to do in the first one and Nigel has that menacing streak but is a riot. There are some great new characters as well, with Gabi as good a character as and in some cases even better the original ones. The voice acting adds to that, Jemaine Clement and Kristen Chenoweth are both phenomenal helped by that they have the film's best moments, though Jesse Eisenberg, Anne Hathaway, Andy Garcia and everybody else acquit themselves more than fine too. To conclude, a good sequel to a great original, enjoyed it a lot and when it comes to animated sequels there is definitely much worse(ie. Secret of NIMH 2). 7/10 Bethany Cox

Reviewed by Schwanitz-Georg 5 / 10

Some high quality scenes make not a good movie.

I am not the kind of person to write reviews on my own, but this one you will read is made not only by me, but also by my 7 year old daughter, who watched this movie with me.

The movie started good. The 3D is good, the dancing animals and the introduction of Blue's family were creating big smiles on the face of my daughter. If the movie would have continued the same way we would rank it with 7 or 8 stars.

After a while I noticed the movie lost its speed, its flavor and most of the charm. Without 3D it would have been worse but with it it was still okay for me.

The reason why we rank it with only 5 stars is the following. After 60 min. my daughter started to become anxious. I asked her why she seems so nervous and she told me that she is bored. And in my surprise I noticed i am too and the kids around us. There was no laughter and no giggling. This should not happen in a movie with an average rating of 7 and my daughter and the other kids fitting into the target group.

The end of the movie was okay and my daughter watched it again with attention. But that I had to ask my daughter, if she wants to leave during the movie, lets us stay with 5 out of 10 points.

Watch it at home on DVD, but do not spend 20€ (Germany) for an average movie.

For comparison to RIO No1: The reason we went into this movie in the first place, was that we own the BlueRay of Rio. We watched it together several times and we were looking forward to watch the second part.

Reviewed by braddugg 4 / 10

A good animation is made weak by clich├ęd writing.

A good animation is made weak by cliched writing.

Lot of work and thought and detailing goes into an animated film. But if the writing is weak it cannot be pulled off easily. RIO 2 precisely suffers from that. The scenes are too cliched for my comfort and the plot is very age-old. The bird formations, their beautiful feats have been all been seen in RIO and there is nothing new to offer on that front too in RIO 2. I felt like the basic format of the earlier film RIO was taken and just few modifications were done in writing. So it has that been there, seen that feel that does not add up any value.

The voice over is good and it seems like Jesse Eisenberg did make effort to feel like the bird Blu. Although the chemistry between the two birds, Blu and Jewel does not show up adequately, individually voice over of each was good. It's Anne Hathway for the female protagonist, Jewel.

The other aspects were fine, considering this is a commercial animated film. A word about music, which was good in RIO, comes weak and though are many songs, not even one was memorable, as I left the theater. So the music did not make any impression either.

If people like average stuff or have not seen RIO, perhaps will like it as they may find some new things here. For me, I did not like it and felt like a big bore. An average rating of 2/5 for this. It's not bad, it's purely mediocre.

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