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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by bensonmum2 5 / 10

Big Battle in Rio de Janeiro!

- Since I recently watched Mario Bava's Danger Diabolik, I had an urge to see some other, lesser known spy movies. This is Jess Franco's attempt at the genre and he almost pulls it off. If it weren't for some lapses in action (and logic) this one would have been very good. But far too often, nothing much of interest is going on. In a typical James Bond movie, there are many instances where the action stops to further the plot. In The Girl from Rio, these stops in the action do nothing to advance the story. They are just there.

- Franco probably had one of the bigger "name" casts in The Girl from Rio that he ever worked with. Shirley Eaton, from Goldfinger, is the villainous Sumuru. George Sanders, who I always get a kick out of watching, is very funny as the equally villainous Sir Masius. The biggest problem with the casting is Richard Wyler as the films hero. He's not interesting enough to carry the part.

- Having watched a few Franco movies over the past few years, The Girl from Rio is decidedly tame. While the movie has its moments, the usual Franco sleaze is not evident. Too bad - it might have made some of the non-action moments more tolerable.

Reviewed by Woodyanders ([email protected]) 8 / 10

Better than average Jess Franco outing

Cunning and ruthless femme fatale Sumuru (deliciously played with lip-smacking wicked aplomb by Shirley Eaton) leads an all-female army who are planning to take over the world while operating out of Sumuru's base nearby Rio de Janeiro. Handsome American playboy Jeff Sutton (dashing Richard Wyler) reluctantly joins forces with shrewd crime kingpin Sid Masius (George Sanders in peak suave and sardonic form) in order to stop Sumuru. Director Jess Franco, working from a campy script by Harry Alan Towers, relates the entertainingly goofy story at a snappy pace, maintains an engaging tongue-in-cheek tone throughout, makes the most out of the exotic Rio locations, offers a few inspired bizarre touches (for example, a gang of chortling flunkies wearing freaky devil masks), delivers a funny sense of sharp sarcastic humor, and stages the reasonably exciting action set pieces with more competence than usual (the lively climax is especially rousing). Moreover, there's a nice sprinkling of tantalizing peek-a-boo nudity and a bevy of beautiful women to make things more sexy and merry: The luscious Maria Rohm provides a tasty eyeful as the sweet Lesyle, the comely Marta Reeves likewise impresses as fetching rich babe Ulla Rossini, and the foxy Elisa Montes is a kittenish delight as Sid's loopy, yet sultry main squeeze Irene. Daniel White's jazzy and energetic score hits the swinging syncopated spot (the groovy theme song is a total gas, too!). Manuel Merino's vibrant and stylish cinematography gives the picture a funky psychedelic look. Extremely enjoyable vintage 60's kitsch.

Reviewed by BA_Harrison 6 / 10

Rio de JessFranco.

The Girl From Rio AKA Future Women is precisely the sort of loopy nonsense that we cult movie fans find absolutely fascinating: it has an outlandish espionage plot, born of the feminist movement yet still managing to exploit women at every turn; it stars familiar performers Shirley Eaton (Goldfinger) and George Sanders (All About Eve) camping it up like there's no tomorrow; there's crazy kitsch 60s fashion a go-go; and director Jess Franco (R.I.P.) ensures that the film is imbued with a strangeness and technical ineptitude of the kind guaranteed to keep his loyal followers happy, despite the whole affair being far more light-hearted than many of his other movies.

Eaton stars as lesbian megalomaniac Sunanda who is hell-bent on dominating the world with the help of her all-woman army of men-haters (which in itself should be more than enough to pique most trash movie fans' interest). Building a vast fortune by kidnapping the world's wealthiest people, the power-hungry women's libber has built her own city, Femina, from which she plans to launch her attack on mankind.

Sunanda's latest target is playboy Jeff Sutton (Richard Wyler), who is rumoured to be carrying $10million cash with him in his briefcase; also interested in the money is Sunanda's rival, Rio crime boss Masius (Sanders). In reality there is no money, the briefcase being used as bait to reel in Sunanda, Jeff having been hired to locate missing heiress Ulla (Marta Reves) who he believes is being held captive in Femina.

With this three-way of Sunanda, Masius and Sutton established, all Franco is left to do is pad out his movie to feature length with assorted nonsense, which includes gangsters in creepy masks, lots of Rio carnival padding (including a one-legged reveller busting moves in the street), some torture via Sunanda's craptastic microwave ray, Eaton wearing a lacy body stocking, hilarious dialogue ('Don't be nasty—daddy doesn't like it'), more leggy totty than you can shake a stick at, and several silly showdowns, Jeff narrowly escaping on most occasions thanks to his incredible martial arts skills (a karate chop here, a judo throw there) or his trusty pistol (for use only when his chopping hand is feeling sore). When he's not kicking bad guy butt, Jeff's weapon of choice is his irresistible charm, with which he lures women—even dedicated man-haters—into bed with ease (thus allowing Franco to easily meet his quota of female nudity).

Ultimately, Femina is stormed by Jeff and Masius, who form an alliance to ensure continuing male superiority, their assault on the city resulting in a barrage of badly edited fake gunfire and an amateurish assault of unconvincing stock footage explosions. In a suitably silly final scene, Sunanda is shown to have survived the attack, despite having supposedly blown herself up with a self-destruct device inside her gold vault.

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