Rise of the Black Bat


Action / Sci-Fi

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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by MinistryofDoom 1 / 10

So bad it makes me want to destroy my TV and never watch a movie ever again

Five words: WHAT THE HELL IS THIS?? Rise of the Black Bat is a cheap...and I mean CHEAP....attempt at cashing in on the wave of superhero films. Black Bat is Batman without pointy ears and has the exact same origin story as Daredevil. What? They couldn't continue fleshing out this "superhero"? Maybe he was part of a Weapon XYZ program and has ada..I mean titanium claws that come out of his hands? Maybe he can shoot webs like some sort of spider...guy? Please, do yourself and avoid this garbage at all costs. Go watch Marvel's Daredevil on Netflix instead or watch Christopher Nolan's The Dark Knight Rises...which coincidentally (or not) came out in 2012, the same year that this apparent failed cash grab came out. The Rise of the Black Bat should be the DOWNFALL of D-list Hollywood hacks trying to cash in on quality entertainment but alas...we'll only see more of this garbage.

Reviewed by mahbod-ghazi 1 / 10

Rise Of The Black Bat

first i wanna thank the whole cast and crew because i had a problem with my stomach and i couldn't poop. when i watched this movie , my problem solved so i recommend this movie to people who have any kind of problems with their stomach. thank you so much black bat. i wanna know what camera you used to record this movie , you can record much better with cell phone cameras these days. i can fight better than your superhero in this movie. my fake gun is better than yours. next time you wanna make a movie , spend money on it. and please don't rate your own movie 9 from 10 , let people do that for you and don't say (Where would you like to see this character go next?) i would like to see him in toilet , nothing like dare devil , nothing like batman.

Reviewed by Mike Hunt 1 / 10

Flop of the Black Bat

What in the name of holey bat **** is this? This is not a spin-off of the Batman movies, nor is it a different take on Batman, but it's in fact just a rip-off of Batman that I would be pleased if Warner Bros did sue those responsible for this movie with copyright infringement.

First off, the cover of the DVD. It contains screen clips taken from Dark Knight Rises, misleading people into thinking, "Oh, this film had a budget, look that bike looks just like the actual one". SUE THEM WARNER, PLEASE. Those images are misleading and just there to get suckers money.

The plot is about a lawyer who takes on a case against one of the cities top gangsters. The bad guys jump the lawyer and throw acid in his eyes. Case closed! Apparently if the lawyer is blind, it's a mistrial in this town.

The lawyer has treatment all over the world trying to get his eyesight back, and eventually finds someone who can fix it, but when it comes back, he has night-vision and hates sunlight. He figures that this is a gift he must use, and goes out hunting the criminals of the street with a bullet proof vest, a batman cow, no cape but he has a gun.

You can guess the rest of the story and how it pans out already, so no need for me to tell you anymore about it.

The filming is amateur, the actors are worse, the plot is a joke, and the movie is bad. Need I say anymore to convince you never to see this piece of garbage that should never have been made? You won't even find a copy of this on Amazon, I already looked... hopefully because WB are suing them for making this garbage and advertising it with stills of the real Batman movies on it.

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